Lee Da-hae Models for ANYA Cosmetics

Lee Da-hae has been chosen to be the new model for Chinese Cosmetics brand “ANYA” and they released some Ads and BTS video of the Ads photo-shoot featuring our girl in which she looks really lovely ❤

It is always a treat to see a new Ad or picture for our girl so here are those to enjoy for now and lets hope she can also make a visit to China to promote for the brand so we could see more of her specially that now after the end of “Hotel King” we won’t be seeing her every week on our screen T_T

And here is the BTS video along with some Gifs and caps ❤

Also some pictures from the exhibit that the brand did lately 🙂

Credit: ANYA, LDH Baidu Bar, LDH DC via Weibo and Boy Bí Ẩn YT Channel


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