Lee Da-hae at “Hotel King” Wrap up Party – [Photos]

Hotel King” cast had a wrap up party on 27th of July to celebrate the end of the drama and watch the final episode together. I was really sad because we didn’t see all the cast there, yes I adore each one of them but may be there was some schedule issues 😦

But to make up for that sad feeling I was very happy to see Lee Da-hae and Lee Dong Wook coming to the party together and they looked lovely in their matched outfit although I am not a fan of Wookie’s outfit at all but who cares, he looks handsome in anything 😀

Da-hae was really glowing that day and although she is again in all black but her amazing complexion did take my whole attention kk ^^

Now check more pictures of her arrival and from inside the party as well.

How much I wish we get some video of the party 😦

In the party some fans presented a cake to Da-hae which had dolls of JW and MN in the cute swing scene ^^

And lastly a couple of pictures of Da-hae when she left the party 🙂

Credit: As Tagged, HK DC, actionmultigym Naver, Kong Hyun Joo IG and HK Official site



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5 responses to “Lee Da-hae at “Hotel King” Wrap up Party – [Photos]

  1. I hope LDW and LDH are real couple. They look prefect couple!


  2. cp

    Hi AQ

    Finally at last, despite constant distractions of life in my part of the world, I somehow finished watching the last episode of HOTEL KING. Wow, what an anti-climax!
    How did I describe this last episode? Well, it was like ordering a 4 course meal in a restaurant, the starter came as expected, but I had to wait a long time for the main course, then half way through it, the waitress apologised that another customer was waiting to take my table, so dessert and coffee came all at once! I did have my meal alright, but I had indigestion and felt most uncomfortable because of the rush in finishing that meal! May be I will feel differently if I ever watch it again in future.
    Anyway, it is OK as this drama has a good ending and at times entertaining. Moreover, reading from various sources about past and present stories of LDH and LDW, I get to understand LDH a bit better than before, and partly perhaps why she behaved the way she did the last few years.
    She is actually quite a sentimental and passionate person, unwilling to let go of that sweet and treasured piece of past memory which is always at the corner of her mind! So at times, she could feel quite lost and depressed because of that! She seems to be much happier and contented these days, I can only wish her luck, and as I said before, hopefully 2014 is a turning point to her for a more fulfilling life and career!

    You do really well with your blog, I am more than impressed, keep it up! Congratulations again.


    • OOH CP, LOVE the way you described the Final episode. Couldn’t agree more 😀

      I still have to write my final post about the drama, hopefully will get to do that during this week.

      And thanks for the encouragement as always 🙂


  3. rea ruiz

    waiting again for another project of donghae,, i really love them,,,so sad really…


  4. yeah its true CP,that LDH struggling past year bec.of the issue,that she insulted the Filipino<and even now some Filipino netizens,criticized her<and some of them wishing the death of Dae Hae<BUt hopefully this Hotel King bring her back to the stardom,.i really love DONGHAE couple


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