Lee Da-hae for Shunufang F/W 2014

After we got our first look of Lee Da-hae modelling for Shunufang in their Fall collection, now we got to see more pictures from the photo-shoot. I really like Da-hae looks in all the pictures here without exception specially her hair and also most of the outfits in this collection ❀

And while the concept and the final result are nothing different or special but I think they are really very well edited and they succeeded to give the feeling that Da-hae was actually wandering around the city while shooting those pictures although it wasn’t the case except for the picture above and the similar one below.

I think we will get to see more pictures in the future, but lets enjoy what we got for now πŸ˜‰

And here are some BTS pictures πŸ™‚

Credit: As Tagged, LDH Baidu Bar and Shunufang



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7 responses to “Lee Da-hae for Shunufang F/W 2014

  1. Whyyy is she so pretty? lol! She really is very pretty damn! I’m jealous!


  2. And I adore the outfits too!


  3. Rose

    Sobbing because she’s so beautiful 😭
    Loving all her outfits! I’ve been looking for an outfit just like the one she’s wearing in the fourth picture, with the white dress with the blue collar and the blue cardigan
    The yellow top+ ruffled skirt+ knee high socks combo reminds me of a modern, matured Joo Yoo Rin! ^____^
    As always, thank you for maintaining this site, apqaria! ❀


    • Hi chingu, you don’t need to thank me. It is my pleasure to share Da-hae news ^^
      And about the outfits, I really don’t dare to imagine myself in any of them because I know for sure that I would look horrible and so, I just enjoy staring at Da-hae wearing them, lol πŸ˜€


  4. Hope LDW keep all these her pictures in his wallet!


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