Lee Da-hae MBC Section TV Interview 3/8/2014 – [Video +Translation]


On the 3rd of August MBC Section TV aired an interview with Lee Da-hae while Da-hae was filming the photo-shoot for Arnaldo Bassini Fall Collection. The interview title “Romantic Comedy Queen Back! Lee Da-hae” 🙂

Surely most of the interview was about “Hotel King” and her chemistry with Lee Dong Wook there and their Ad-Libs and improvised kiss scenes 😉

I can’t get over how HILARIOUS our girl was in this interview. I really couldn’t stop laughing during the whole time over her funny imitations and comments and also the interviewer reactions, LOOOL 😀

That was one fun interview that you don’t want to miss ❤

After the intro about Da-hae and her roles and fashion, the camera man first went into her dressing room:
C: Where’s Cha Jaewan?
DH: He has gone away for 2 days.
C: But he said he would never leave you anymore?
DH: Sigh, yes, he always lies like that.. Oppa, don’t live like that. I warn you, you can’t escape from me. *burst out laughing*. OMG, I sound like a stalker.

Then the real interview began, they talked about how cold Pyungchang was as 80% of HK scenes were there:
I: Are you going on vacation now that drama’s done?
DH: I’m planning to come back in the Fall.
I: To Pyungchang? WHY? Actresses usually go to Europe or South East Asia, but you want to go to Pyungchang?
DH: Well since we were shooting, I couldn’t really enjoy the place as much. So I wonder how it would be if I go for vacation.
I: It’ll be the same, still cold.
DH: *Laughs*

Da-hae then also talked about her first filming in the fish market. Apparently, during the takes, it seems like she accidentally hit a granny with a silver fish. When she apologized, the granny looked at her vindictively and said “You *bleep* did this, didn’t you?“. She then apologized again to the granny on screen and promised to treat her to some grilled fish if they met again.

Then they talked about the swing kiss which was mostly ad-lib from Da-hae and Wookie :
DH: The script said I’d kiss Jaewan on the forehead, cheek, then lips. But then he kissed me on the lips first so then I poured on it (Kissed him more)
I: WHAT?? Are you in your right mind?
DH: *Laughs*
I: Aren’t you supposed to refuse not pour oil to fire??

And then they talked about the bed scene:
DH: The PD said since you guys know what to do, I’m leaving this to you guys. So I was kinda confused and wanted to do a bit rehearsal. He (Wookie) was just sitting on the sofa playing games on his cell phone. All while taking off his clothes. He said “Don’t worry, I’ll take care of it“. I was a bit upset, but when we went into takes, he was surprisingly good. He was really good, I didn’t even do anything.

I: The viewers are wondering if you guys would date for real since your love line looks so natural, you look like two lovers already.
DH: I think we would probably fight A LOT. Let’s just say we share deep friendship. Wait, if I say this fans would probably be disappointed? Then let’s say that we never know what might happen in a man/woman relationship, so…
DH: I also wrote on SNS (twitter) to meet in 10 years. I think compared to now, we could probably do a strong melodrama.
I: Strong melo…
DH: Yes, super intense melo…*breaks into giggle* (She might mean super sexy super dramatic melo, Naughty Da-hae  😀 )

Message to Dong Wook:
DH: Oppa, since I can’t see you everyday anymore, I kinda miss you. Be well, let’s eat sometime. Bye..this is so awkward.

They showed videos from Da-hae drama “Lotus Flower Fairy” back in 2004 and when she won the new actress award. Then Da-hae talked about her first start in the business, in high school. She was in KBS Musical Radio Show and acted as animals, from rabbit to dragonfly. But the one thing she sucks at is singing, so she admitted with embarrassment that she lipsynced on her singing parts.
I: So it’s been how long since your debut? 20 years..
DH: 20 years..Wait, so that means Lee Dong Wook-sshi and some other people are my juniors then. Ahh, I didn’t realize that. *jokes* These rude brats..

Interviewer then talked about when she went to Hongkong and received such hot welcome.
DH: I thought there would only be like 4 people.. but there were so many people holding my picture and saying welcome Lee Dahae. But there was an incident, the escalator got stuck while I was coming down. I almost fell, but there was one arm who swooped her (Her foreign bodyguard). And I was like “Whoa, look at this” (She’s just saying she was a bit taken aback, but not in a bad way).

Interviewer then talked about romance in her real life:
I: Can we PLEASE hear some news on this? It’s been TOO long overdue.
DH: Yes, really, now that the drama’s done, I really want to date. I AM going to date.
I: Okay, please tell us. Your ideal type?
DH: A guy who swooped/hug me with one arm (like that bodyguard). A big, tall guy, who can be taller than me when I wear heels. One who’s got a sense of humor and one I can respect.
I: Dear viewers, we’re looking for you. If you fit the bill, please contact us through MBC forum.

I: What do you want to see in yourself 10 years from now?
DH: I would like to see myself still working and acting. I want to be an actor who acts and looks at ease with herself.
I: Would you be married?
DH: OF COURSE I HAVE TO!! If I’d still be single until then, it’d be really bad. I want to get married for sure.
I: You look a bit angry now.
DH: Yeah, this makes me upset *laughs*
DH: Thank you the viewers for watching and liking Hotel King.

Then the interviewer requested to take a Selca imitating the one Da-hae and Wookie took but trials failed as both were feeling awkward, LOL 😀


Credit: MBC, Dreamer DM Channel, AB Blog, HK DC and Weibo | Translation: ditditdutdut and p1n6an2012 @ Soompi



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11 responses to “Lee Da-hae MBC Section TV Interview 3/8/2014 – [Video +Translation]

  1. herms

    i both love them (da hae and wookie)


  2. thanks for the translation, i love DAHAE! ur ideal type u described is Wookie!!! go get him!!


  3. Thank you for your awesome translation. Yes, that is LDW!!!! Love both of them.


  4. gigi1026

    Im right coz ur closeness in HK is different on cam or off cam…great chemistry & lovely couple in the future:-)


  5. Lucie

    nice, thanks for the translation


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  7. ghie010

    100% her ideal man is wookie the height and humor and hugs in there video describe it all! hahaha


  8. vlask

    Oh My Goshh…. Hopefully they date each other… They look so cute and perfect together… I mean don’t you think so? They are both so beautiful and handsome. I would love it if they date each other and they get married… hahaha. Anyways, thanks for the translation. 🙂


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