Lee Da-hae Signs 7 Commercial Contracts and Four People Caught for Spreading Malicious Rumors about her

Those are double dose of happy news about Lee Da-hae and lets hope we get even more wonderful news about our girl in the future ❤

It is great to see how popular “Hotel King” is with international fans and in many Asian countries specially in China and with this it is not surprising to hear this news about our girl signing contracts for 7 commercials of Asian brands some we already know about.

This news makes me happy mainly cause it means we will get to see new pictures, CF videos of her and may be as well we see her attending some promotion events. So, YAAAY to that !!!

Also even though the news about the result of the lawsuit our girl filed before against netizens who spread Malicious Rumors about her has actually came out back in July but I missed posting here although I was the happiest reading that some people being punished for that issue and seeing how our girl and her legal team and now her agency FNC Entertainment is handling it. So I will take the chance to do this now ^^

So, according to FNC Entertainment, Lee Da-hae just made a deal with her current clothing brand Arnaldo Bassini, Chinese women’s clothing brand Shunufang, a couple Chinese cosmetic brands, a new Asian women’s product called “Real O” and more.

Lee Da-hae is the exclusive model for the new brand, which will be launching in September in Korea, Taiwan, China, Hong Kong, Japan, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, India, the Philippines, Singapore, Cambodia, Brunei, Mongolia and other 18 countries at the same time.

She also completed filming an advertisement for a global beauty hair brand in Korea and China.

Credit: HanCinema | Source: xportsnews

And now here is translation of the news about the lawsuit

Back in December last year prosecutors in Korea’s Gyeonggi Province investigated a prostitution ring that supposedly involved businessmen, politicians and female celebrities. News of the investigation resulted in the online circulation of a list that named 30 actresses as part of that ring.

Except that the list was totally made up. The police publicly stated that the list had no connection with their investigation and the actresses whose names appeared on it were not under investigation. Yet the list continued to circulate, slandering the names of several innocent high profile entertainers. One of the actresses named on the list was Lee Da Hae whose legal team released a statement and filed Lawsuit back in December.

The investigation into the prostitution ring concluded in June 2014 with a fine being levied against one actress, Sung Hyun Ah. She was charged with having met the same man three times for a total payment of $50,000.

On July 14, FNC Entertainment followed up with this case by revealing, “The netizens responsible for circulating this false information about Lee Da Hae have already been charged with a fine through the regional investigation unit under the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency. There is no negotiation with the malicious rumor spreaders. We will continue taking firm action against malicious rumor spreaders in the future; we will follow a course of strict punishment to the very end even if we need to request additional investigation into the suspects whom we have yet to identify.”

Four of the people who spread the rumors have been caught so far, three of whom are women. One is a high school student, two are working women in their twenties, and one is a housewife. Two were fined, the student was sent to juvenile court, and the remaining one was revealed to have committed the same offense in the past and was decided to have no right of arraignment.

Credit: AllKpop and KdramaStars

And here are some News reports videos about the lawsuit news:

Credit: FNC Entertainment FB Page, KBSEntertain and JTBC Star YT Channels


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