One Year of Blogging


How time fly??!! Is that for real that today is the first Anniversary for the blog??!!

I am getting emotional writing this specially that I was really surprised seeing that message from WordPress notifying me about it and I didn’t even get to prepare anything in advance to make this post anything special but I had to write to celebrate this with all of you.

If you ask me just before that year if I could ever have a blog like this, I would answer immediately “Of Course NOT, how could that happen? My English is not that good, I am a bad writer and over that being persistent is not one of my qualities

Now looking back to that year and the blog with all the posts, comments and the blog hits which exceeded half a million already !!! I ask myself “How I ended up being here anyway?“.


I remember when I became an avid fan of Lee Da-hae back in 2008, I started following her news everyday in Soompi thread, reading blog posts about her and that was when I started watching Kdramas live for the first time and of course started suffering from the wait each week till the next episodes but I was happy that I finally was able to find company in all fans there as I don’t have anyone to share this addiction with in my real life.

But I remained a silent reader for about 2 years till the day I really felt I need to stop lurking and join the discussions there and that was in 2010 in Chuno/The Slave Hunters thread (yes that was the one who got me out my lurking mode forever πŸ™‚ ) and then in Da-hae thread. Being welcomed by fans there and being able to express my thoughts about something I like was such a great feeling and since then it became my happiest time when I get to spend time to go there.

Through the years and with Da-hae ups and downs specially last year, I felt sad that our girl don’t have an English site that is dedicated to her and her news and I admit I got jealous of many blogs about other stars where the fans were able to easily find their news and history. So, that feeling was the reason behind my decision to give it a try and open this blog which I never see it coming before.

So here I summarize in few points some thoughts about this year of blogging:

  • The thing I most appreciate about this year of blogging experience is that I gained so many wonderful bloggers and online friends who I look up to ❀
  • I started learning some graphics staff to be able to make Headers and some Gifs. Although the result still not near being called good but I am still happy to take that step.
  • Although of course posting and updating here is so time consuming and sometimes made me skip some sleeping hours but I can’t describe how much happiness I feel while doing so or reading comments here.
  • Although I admit I sometimes felt sad or even that I was talking to myself when my posts don’t get much reactions or comments from readers after spending much effort or time on it (which I guess is a normal feeling) but I have learned how to keep going and I really wish to be better hoping that more people will enjoy coming here.


In the end, I really need to thank all fans, my lovely friends in Soompi, Twitter, Weibo, all the commenters here who have been encouraging me with their kind words, took the time to share their thoughts and of course helped and contributed a lot in many ways in the content and posts in the blog and of course for all the readers who checked here.

I am sorry that I don’t have something special to give away here but still to celebrate this occasion I am opening this post for discussion and also for who have any suggestions, requests or questions. Hope you can share with me what your thoughts about our girl past, projects and future or whatever you like to discuss and if you want me to post about something specific related to our girl or ask me if you have a question in mind. I will try my best to answer it all and fulfill any requests.



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21 responses to “One Year of Blogging

  1. cp

    Hi AQ

    What more can I say? I am indeed pleased for you. Has one year blogging changed your life? I believe so. Your English has improved so much, so as your writing style, and you are half way towards becoming an IT savvy! I am still really touched by your dedication and sincerity towards LDH well being! However, do take good care of your own life, work, romance and everything as well, as LDH needs your contributions (who knows?) to perk up her spirit in coping with whatever and whoever coming along her way!
    I think it was kind of funny what I wrote in the beginning of your blog history? If that particular day in Malaysia when I was so bored with nothing to do (sudden cancellation of an appointment), I would not have watched IRIS 2 and discovered LDH. Later when I was back in UK and decided to know more about her, merely my interest in the study of human behaviour, I would not have discovered you blog! So there you go, life is what you make it, but fate is always the hunter!

    p.s. Sorry to be very verbose!


    • OH CP, thank you. Really reading those praising words, specially that they come from you, really makes me so happy and proud ^^

      Did I tell you before that I always waited for your comments on my posts? Yes, cause I really like how you think and I know how objective and rational your opinion is. Which I feel I always need to stop me from getting carried away by my crush and bias for my girl, hehe πŸ˜‰

      I really have to thank whoever cancelled that appointment back then πŸ™‚ I remember that day when I read your first comment, that was a special day cause you were the first commenter who got to talk to me about Da-hae here and who I didn’t know before and while I was excited to get to know a new online friend through the blog for the first time but also was nervous and have responsibility towards you as you were still getting to know Da-hae and I wanted to be so honest when I answered you ^^


  2. Bring an ex-blogger myself, I totally understand how you feel, being through the same things that you’ve been through, lack of sleep etc. But I must say you did a far more excellent job than me!!
    I applaud your perseverance!! Though I don’t usually leave comments, hope it will nevertheless make you feel more encouraged to know that I visit your site every single day for updates :). Please continue to support DH and bring us all the good tidings about her.


    • Thank you so much chingu for leaving this comment. It really means a lot to me ❀

      I admit because of feeling tired, I became lazy so many times and even now, I am so late in posting lots of things about our girl. But I think those lazy moments help me keep going. Hope you, other fans and readers forgive me for those times though, kk ^^


  3. Jole

    Hi stumbled upon your blog this year. I visit your blog almost every day and enjoyed all your posts. Although, I don’t comment on every posts please know that I’m very supportive of you. Please keep up the great work! Happy anniversary 😊


  4. Olivia

    Hi !
    Congrats for your one year !!! ~
    I have a blog but I don’t post news anymore because it takes too much time, so I understand your feelings when you are saying that not having much comments on some news can be disappointing..!
    Actually, I discovered your blog recently because of Hotel King. My love for the Donghae couple re-birthed and I was like a stalker for a while and I found your blog ! Tadam ~ I think it is a really good one !! It’s so good to have a source for Lee Da Hae, she is a great actress no matter what other people say ! I hope you will continue to share news about her ^^
    Thank you for all your work, you rock !! Again, congrats for this first anniversary ! πŸ˜€


    • Hi, thanks a lot Chingu. I am really thankful for Hotel King and Dong-Hae couple that more people knew about the blog and for me to get to know more fans here ❀


  5. amyrleex

    Hi sweetie! Happy 1st year Anniversary!!! Woo Hoo!!! πŸ™‚
    I am new to your site after coming upon Hotel King Soompi forum and I find it so informative and delightful to read, ever since I’d discovered it… Please keep up the fantastic work and hope you will post more pictures of our β™₯Da hae princess, kinda like a fashion spread or something… I think that she’s super duper pretty and looks good in everything she wears… Thanks once again and enjoy this special day!!! πŸ™‚


    • Thanks a lot dear, happy to meet another soompier here. High Five!! ❀

      About the fashion spread, it is a pity that she don't attend much events or do magazine spreads for me to do such post with lots of pictures and I posted most of my favorite pictures and outfits of her before in many posts.

      But I was thinking about doing a post about her fashion in "Hotel King", hopefully I will find the needed materials to do that post.


  6. Congratulations πŸ˜€
    I love reading your blog and although I didn’t watch Hotel King, I kept myself updated through your posts.

    Happy Blogging!


  7. soupsoua

    Love your blog. Thank you for your time and commitment. πŸ™‚ I wish there was a “like” button. I dislike writing comments. lol


  8. Tt

    I just wanted to let you know that I’ve been lurking for a while and I love your blog! It is thorough, well-written, and up-to-date. I’ve never commented on anything before, but wanted to let you know that you are truly appreciated and I’m pretty sure there are hundreds of people out there like me who are silent, yet extremely grateful for your hard work. Thank you and good job!


  9. sassygirl94

    Congratulations apqaria for your first anniversary!!! ~~β™₯β™₯β™₯
    I don’t know when it started but one day I found your blog when I want to find out Da Hae’s latest news..yeahh, true it is quite hard to find her latest news in english, and thanks to you because keep updating about our girl…then, about in May, after being silent reader in Soompi, I was surprised because you were there too…haha..then, I made an account to know eah and every details about Da Hae…
    Happy blogging dear…


  10. Lucie

    Nice work! Don’t give up!

    Liked by 1 person

  11. Nini Glez

    Congratulations, thank you very much for your hard work, maybe it’s true that you might not have many comments or reactions, but continues with this, this blog is the reason I’m now a fan of Lee Da Hae, so your keep trying, because in the future will have more people with whom you can share your love for Da Hae, just now you have someone who does just that (me (n_n) hehe), chughahabnida!!!


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