♫ Hotel King Full OST ♫


Here I admit that I didn’t watch the last “Hotel King” episodes subbed yet and that is the reason my post about the Finale is not up till now T_T

Regardless of my concerns about the drama overall but I guess after following this drama and getting so drawn into the characters lives for about 6 months now, I am feeling really empty without my weekly dose of the drama, Lee Da-hae and Dong-Hae couple and I am having hard time letting go of them and admitting that I need to face the ending already!!

So, while I feel that way and try to bring myself to watch the episodes I keep listening to the OST which I really LOVE.

My favorite song is “Hurts” Song by “Kim Jin Ho” both the original and Acoustic versions, also from the drama score “보이지 않는 운명“, “그림자/Shadow” and “Kiss Of Promise

Here is a play list of the full OST for us to enjoy together and for whoever is waiting for my post about the finale I hope you forgive me ❤

But I need to add that I was actually sad when the full OST came out and I discovered that they didn’t include all the drama score in it specially my favorite musical piece in the drama 😦

I need thank the fan who did extract it from the drama (although it is low quality) so, I can listen to that one repeatedly

Credit: muchcloudier @ Soompi, Last Seonmul and bing saeni YT Channels



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4 responses to “♫ Hotel King Full OST ♫

  1. lala

    Hello. Can you please translate this in english? http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x22chfu_hk-interview-with-lee-dong-wook-lee-da-hae_people I really want to know what they are talking about. ❤ thank you so much! 🙂


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