Final Batch of “Hotel King” BTS Pictures and Videos

With “Hotel King” ending, here is a final batch of BTS pictures and videos along with some translations ❤

I really can’t describe how much I am mad and disappointed with MBC promotion for this drama. Yes, we know how lazy they are and how they always fail in regards of their dramas promotions compared to KBS and SBS. But I personally then they even did worse with this drama than their other dramas.

Their release for the stills and BTS videos were always late and actually we hardly got BTS pictures or stills specially in the final quarter of the drama. So most of the stills or BTS pictures we got through the drama airing weren’t through the drama official website or MBC themselves.  And we almost never get news reports about the drama episodes weekly as it is the case usually and even in the rare reports about the drama through its whole airing time, they almost used the same few stills!!!

And it was really a shame that we didn’t get official movies with compilation of the drama scenes for the OSTs although the OST itself was really amazing!!! I think it is better for me to stop here before I get more angry but I got to thank all fans, staff, actors and the actors’ agencies for updating us or this would have been much worse.

P.S. Sorry for being late in posting these and for making some of readers wait for long time

First here are some BTS videos, we got a video from scene in Ep 27 and 28, those two can’t stop playing around and touching each other, LOL 😀

***Choosing clothes***
DW: Do it! what’s wrong about it? let’s just do an ad-lib!!
DH: I’m going to do it~
(Wookie kept changing the country name from which he got the shirt each time they re-film the scene one time he says Guatemala and then Colombia and so Da-hae kept laughing)
DH: This one is cute, go with this
DW: I like it
DH: Good!
DH: Take this off now…
*Wookie start taking off his cloths*
DH: Wait I won’t include the “take this off” part *Laughs*

***Living room***
Before walking to the kitchen
DH: Ige da ga anCHIROOONG~~~ (“This is not all” in aegyo)
DH: Illeowa bwa/come here

DW: You made all this? Were you milk the cow yourself?
(He is making fun of her saying she has done nothing so DH felt embarrassed and tap him)
DH: let’s get drunk, OK?
*DH did the OK sign and DW Laughs*
DH: Do it~
DW: No
DH: You agreed to do “OK” but why aren’t you doing it?!

***Practicing hug***
DW: You’re going to hug me like this?
DH: I always hugged you like this, right? (she tried to change the way she hugs him)

Here is also BTS video of the last day of filming ^^

This part is really funny but it shows how much close and comfortable our Dong-Hae are with each other 😉

Also they made an interview with our Dong-Hae couple in the last filming day and both were so lovely and funny. LOVE THEM ❤

DW: It’s the last filming day. It’s 4.20 PM.
DH: To be honest, I have had thoughts like “Omg, please end soon” or “Gah, this is so long”
DW: It’s gotten tiring…
DH: Yeah, I had thoughts like that. But today, before coming to shoot this last scene, my heart suddenly got jolted. Ah, I’m getting so sad.
DW: For me, yesterday I wrote on SNS (his weibo and FB post), Dahae-ssi, my Amone, what I wrote was really sincere. After 8 years acting together again, it’s such a privilege..

DH: You said, thanks for making my heart flutter. He never said that on set… when did I do that? *LOL*
DW: You’ve gotten a lot more prettier than before.
DH: What is this vibe?…*LOL*
DW: You’ve gotten more mature..
DH: It’s cos I’ve gotten older
DW: More than when meeting as SGC and JYR, meeting you as CJW and AMN is more exciting
DH: *jokes* But I like SGC more..
DW: Unfortunately (I/we) can’t go back
DH: Hehehe, no, CJW is way cooler

Q: What were your hardships during filming?
DH: My first filming was hard.. in the fish market. Usually fist filming is pretty nerve wrecking. So add to that and the fact that I didn’t sleep well the night before, having to run and do some sort of “action” scene..
DW: Especially since you haven’t even gotten to know the crew
DH: YES, so that was hard.
DW: Pyungchang is always cold. And Dahae has basically no fat and she’s all weak..
DH: Wait, you’re not talking about yourself, are you?
DW: Hehe, of course I’m like that too. But yeah, you suffered a lot. It was such an experience though, even till April we were still wearing padding and stuff.

Q: Most memorable kiss?
DW: What do you think is the most memorable kiss scene? I think we did a lot.
DH: Me?
DW: Should we do one right now?
DH: Lol, excuse me but please come back to your senses
DW: Come on, let’s just do it. What’s wrong with it anyway..
DH: For me personally, the one that hasn’t aired.
DW: Ahhh, me too.
DH: It hasn’t aired
*DW interrupts to put away DH’s strand hair, how cute !!!*

DH: That’s the most memorable one. It was very beautiful.
DW: Yes, I was thinking about that one too, seriously.
*Cut to beach kiss*
DH: The cute kiss, while we were drinking milk. That was actually all an adlib. But it ended up airing. We had no idea. It came out really cute.
DW: Should we reenact it then??
DH: Haha, what the hell is wrong with you?

Q: What do you think now that filming is over?
DW: A bit relieved, a bit scared, a bit sad that we all have to part ways, it’s all mixed up.
DH: *sighs* Everyone really did well..
DW: Also, without realizing it..
DH: Naturally..
DW: When everything is done, usually everyone just starts to leave. We don’t do interviews and stuff.
DH: Yeah, cos we usually go and catch up on sleep. We can now do what we’ve wanted to do..
DW: We should get a beer.
DH: Yeah, let’s do that.

Q: Message to the viewers
DH: Thank you so much for your attention. We’ll work hard on our next project too. Thank you so so so much to you, viewers.
DW: Thank you for always supporting us and to the other actors. I want to express my most gratitude. Even if Hotel King has ended, us, LDW and LDH will return to show your our other side. Please always remember CJW and AMN.
DH: Please…
DW: Dear viewers, thank you so much!

And here some more Gifs with translation ❤

One of the staff uploaded videos with lots of BTS pictures for almost all the cast members and it is a bigger reason for me to hate MBC cause we now know how much pictures were already taken but they never bothered to publish.

Anyway, here is the video for Da-hae, I was really emotional watching it while listening to the OST playing T_T

And some screen caps of some pictures but you can find all the caps of the pictures in the video here

And also you can check the other videos of other actors in this playlist

Also here are some few BTS pictures ❤

Jin Tae Hyun posted this picture personally in HK DC and wrote “Hello, this is actor Jin Tae Hyun, this dawn, everything in Hotel King filming went great. I am so thankful for the blooming love I have received from my co-actors Lee Dong Wook & Lee Da Hae in all the 20 episodes that I have appeared in (episodes 13-32). To my mom (Baek Manager) thank you for the patience and kind words. To all the staff and crew thank you for working so hard every filming and sorry if i have shortcomings sometimes. I am so thankful for all the experiences i gained through this drama. Thank you so much and Hotel king will always be in my heart. To all viewers thank you for the love and support and promise me that on these last 2days of showing please watch and support us until the end and this will be your best gift for me and to all who have worked hard in this drama. P.S this is our family photo together Jayden, Roman and Mo Ne as our present to all of you. We love you forever and thank you ^_^”

Credit: As Tagged, HK DC via Soompi and Baidu, All videos uploaders, onevvs and elfogadunk @ Tumblr | Translation: ditditdutdut, p1n6an2012 and taoeunjung @ Soompi



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7 responses to “Final Batch of “Hotel King” BTS Pictures and Videos

  1. Gahhh, I’m going to miss Ah Mone/Boksoon a lot. I hope Dahae takes on a real romcom next time.


    • I am missing her already dear. Really don’t know how to move on, I am not sure what this drama has done to me but I am even feeling that I am not enjoying my other dramas wholeheartedly because of my Hotel King withdrawal syndrome T_T


      • sweet pinky

        yeah…same with me. i am missing them sooooo muchh


      • xinpe

        Its exactly the same for me. Am in a daze and seem to be uninterested in all current dramas. I can’t even focus on my most favourite LeeJongSuk recent drama. Misses ChaJaeWan and AhMoNe so much, felt so miserable every weekend now without HK. Mixed feeling when it comes to LDW new drama Iron Man, can’t get over him and LDH as a couple. Truly hope to be able to see them as a real couple soon, that will make me incredibly happy !!!


        • Weekends without HK is not the same 😦
          I am trying to fill my days with other dramas in a trial to distract myself to think of our Dong-Hae and HK but I still end up re-watching some of my favorite scenes from the drama or BTS videos to get my dose of them.


    • i need her to pick a romcom too!


  2. I can’t move on other drama yet. I miss LDH and LDW.


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