Hotel King – Ending [Thoughts]

At last after almost 3 weeks since “Hotel King” ending, I was able to bring myself to watch the last episodes subbed!!

I did plan to write one final thoughts post about the ending and also includes the drama review but after I started writing I discovered it will be SO long and so I decided to split it to two parts with this as first which I will just write my thoughts about the ending and the second part will be for the drama review which I will post soon.

So about the ending, it is a pity that I really can’t say I am fully satisfied with it but the fact is that I really have mixed feelings about it.

[Warning: this may contain spoilers]

So how our drama wrapped up the loose ends and what happened to our characters in the end:

  • Lee Jung Ku/The VP: He didn’t die due to the stab from RL but JW took him to the hospital but he started threatening JW that he will turn RL to he police if he didn’t follow his orders. But JW collect the evidences he has from Dr.Yoon that proves that the VP did to make him go crazy and planned to kill him at that party. LJK knows about his ex-wife and daughter moving to England and even his daughter changing her name so she make sure she don’t have any connection with him anymore and then he discovers that his own right handed man stole all his money and then he hear the police coming into his house. Desperate LJK escape from his home and go to the hotel to sit in the meeting room imagining he was appointed as the chairman as he always wished with all directors and his son JW congratulating him but he woke up from his imaginary dream because of Baek movements and he then in a flashback we discover that the VP indeed pushed the late chairman that day and then Baek entered the office. LJK then take Baek as hostage as MN and JW witnessing it but Baek pushes the VP and leaves with MN and they all leave JW with the VP alone talking before he jumps from the tower. JW takes his hand again trying to save him but he thanks him and let go of his hand to die.

  • Baek Mi Nyeo/Baek Mi Yeon: After living for many years as 5 years old child, she returns to her real self and again work as staff training manager in the hotel.

  • Roman Lee: He was advised by JW to leave to the USA so he won’t get punished for stabbing the VP but although RL acts as if he will do as JW told him and went to the airport with him but ended up turning himself to the police to make sure that the VP won’t harass JW because of him and then came back again at the final episode saying that he is now done with everything and can start new life.

  • Sun Woo Hyun: He still take care of MN and even went to JW to persuade him to come back to the hotel but the important thing for me is that while he still work at the hotel which he love and didn’t go to work with his father but we see him talking to his father more and even his father trying to find him a woman he could love 🙂

  • Song Chae Kyung: She is still the strong and powerful woman she has been always. She was the one who advised the top star to have her wedding in Ciel as they are friends as a way to help getting JW back to the hotel. She still have this rival friends relationship with MN although I think she just acts like that to play with MN 😉

  • The front desk couple: We see them date secretly in the hotel and then had a kiss along with cutely weird proposal 😀

  •  Cha Jae Wan and Ah Mo Ne: After that day of the VP committing suicide, JW leaves the hotel with his mother and start writing books about hotels and buy a cafe by the sea after he transferred the shares back to MN who became Chairwoman again. MN and JW don’t contact each other for a year but due to the top star request for JW to handle her wedding, MN goes to JW wondering if they are still a couple and requesting an explanation of their separation but JW end up saying that he can’t return to her. MN says there is no beautiful breakups and she can’t do as he want like getting angry of him or make crying scene and ask him to come back to the hotel to make the wedding a success and may be then she will be OK with the breakup. JW return to the hotel just for the top star wedding but still want the breakup. MN tries to hold on him but in the end give up and returned the ring to him but once that he felt he lost her already he realize he can’t live without her and find himself in the same position of the top star fiance who also wanted to break up with her. In the end they both came back together again and got married and years later we see MN in the hotel with their two sons ❤


  • I was so satisfied with how they ended the VP story. And although it is not logical at all to see the police leaving JW and the VP like this and not doing anything. But I was so happy that the drama give them the chance to have that conversation together for JW to ask the ultimate question all the viewers asked “You were a human being once, why did you have to do this?” which was necessary for the drama to do IMO. And while we may not find any excuse for the man for what he did but for the first time I did pity him just like JW because yes the man is sick and spend his whole life feeling like a victim and going after power and money thinking that without those no one will ever care about him even his own family he think they left him because he don’t have those anymore not because of his own action and that is all because first he was the servant son who was mistreated by Chairman Ah family and then even became a retardant man. That line JW said was perfect to describe the feeling towards the man “I will never forgive you for the rest of my life. But in your next life when you are born as my son, then I’ll teach you how warm this world really is.”
  • I actually didn’t mind that the relation between JW and MN would be on hold for sometime. Firstly, because I understand that the guilt JW is feeling because he wanted to save the VP after all what he done to him, MN and her father specially was a new barrier between them and he needed to overcome it and come to find peace with himself first before going back to MN specially that the feeling that he indeed his father’s son was the thing that he was always afraid of the most and that day he felt he really is. And secondly, because I needed to see that MN could really handle the hotel in JW’s absence and for her to prove herself as a chairwoman without being his shadow. But the thing I didn’t like is that they didn’t show us JW doing any effort to overcome his feelings but it felt that he did surrender to the VP ghost which continued to follow him all this time which I thought it was out of his character specially with how deep his relation with MN reached and what they did face together. As RL said “I didn’t like pathetic JW
  • I think we did need to get a better explanation of how RL ended up coming back like that. We know he should have got into jail for some time after turning himself to the police and confessing he stabbed the VP but how long was that? it must be less than a year for him to have the chance to go back to USA and finish all his relation with the gangsters but it wasn’t said though.
  • I was happy to see CK again still strong but honestly I didn’t like the idea that she didn’t let go of JW yet. She still helps him, think of him and follow his news during this whole year. Yes, I wanted her to find her own happiness not that I was asking her to find love that quickly but at least showing that she did let go of the past.
  • I didn’t like how one min we see MN practicing the wedding with JW mother and saying she won’t give up on marrying him and then the next minute says she still have pride and give the ring back to JW. Also the same goes with JW, one min he want to break up with MN and then the next minute when this happens he realize that he can’t live without her and give an emotional speech to the top star fiance reflecting on himself. Again I don’t mind all those actions and it could be understandable but how it is done is the problem as the transition was really fast. But I must say that the garage speech was really so meaningful and summarize what we all want to say when it comes to our drama heroes when they turn to noble idiots and I really cried while watching that scene so, I would like to post those lines here along with some Gifs ❤

JW: We are not reporters, you don’t need to worry.
MN: You’re a bastard.  are you even a man?  you make promises to keep them, why can’t you just be honest?  it’s because of you, not because of CW.  After all, you’re running from her because you can’t take it.
The Fiance: Who are you?  how dare you talk to me like that?  we are…
JW: She hasn’t said anything wrong.  she is the chairperson of hotel Ciel.
The Fiance: What would you know about us?
JW: More than you think. I know about your love all too well.  You think you’re leaving her like this because of your noble love, right? “I’d disappear from her life before my precious woman suffers anymore.”  No, you’re just afraid you’ll get hurt if you see her suffer when you realize that you’ll regret it and suffer even more.  you came here because you don’t want to break up with her.  Just think about one thing, once she leaves you because of your cowardice for not being able to let go of her or hold on to her firmly, will you be able to live without her?  No,  you won’t.  It’s too painful just to think about it.  How can you live without her? you can’t stab yourself all over just to hide a wound.  That’s really a stupid thing to do.  Tell her now.  Tell her that you want to go back to her and that you’re sorry.  Ask her to forgive you for the last time even though you are not sure whether she’ll accept you or not.
MN:  She’ll accept you…maybe.  you always upset me like this.  If I’d known you’d do that, I should have given you back the ring first, rather than spreading rumors about our wedding to the staff, and using your mother as a hostage.

  • I am really not sure what happened in those wedding scenes!! (if someone knows for sure please enlighten me). One min we see MN and JW at the hotel dressed as bride and groom then the next min we see them at the cliff exchanging rings and kiss (which was so beautiful and passionate ❤ )!! that was terribly edited to say at least. Was that hotel wedding scene really JW and MN wedding or the top star wedding or both?? But if I write here what I want to believe happened in those scenes, that would be that it was the top star wedding and JW started to imagine MN as the bride while he was taking care of the wedding. Then after they finished taking care of that wedding and it was a success, they went to a private and quite place to exchange their vows and start their life together.

  • I actually like the image they showed for MN as a chairwoman and that is not because it is ideal or too good (yes, I found her not professional in her interaction with the top star and her comments about her) but because it is so close to the image I imagined in my head for her and IMO consistent with her character as a funny and down to earth person. As I said before in one of my posts, not every successful chairman or manager has to be strict or too formal when it comes to work and with MN’s character I always imagined that she will take this hotel as a home and big family and not only a business place and so her carefree interactions with the staff was consistent with that. And also that goes with her relationship dynamics with JW at work with them challenging each other but at the same time enjoying their time to be working together on their dream hotel and life.

I personally did try not to expect too much from writer in the finale and it did help not to get so disappointed with the outcome and while I did get almost all what I wanted to see in the final episode but I was still sad and disappointed with how it was done and the fact that the happy ending was dragged to the last five minutes.

I guess after how the writer did end the VP’s life which added JW’s guilt feeling and the OTP separation to the equation, she tried to get it all resolved but ended up wanting to show so much which didn’t fit in the one hour episode and really needed more time IMO.

Also for me the finale was lacking an important thing that I wanted to see and thought was necessary to show which is seeing MN mentioning her father after she was able to get the hotel back and being able to manage it.

In the end, the final episode specially didn’t live up to the level of some other good episodes from this drama and it really could have been so much better.

But before closing this post, here are two Fan MVs for the Finale ❤

Credit: MBC, p-b-e, linheys, dongwookdahae and eluvnel @ Tumblr and kpopliciousable04 and TheMsAyoko12 YT Channels



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10 responses to “Hotel King – Ending [Thoughts]

  1. Lucie

    wow!!!! Replaying those marriage kissing scenes are so cute. Indeed, they shoud try or maybe they are really dating each other. Their chemistry is so good. : )

    Lee Da Hae told a reporter during an interview on ‘Section TV’ about what will happen if she dated him: “I think we’ll fight a couple thousand times if we do,” she said, laughing (August 3, 2014). Don’t be afraid Da Hae! Love, respect, considerateness, and communication are the key ingredients for a long lasting relationship.

    For the last episode of Hotel King, I like the marriage kissing scene near the ocean and when MN turns her back to tell JW I love you during their working hour to build their dreamed hotel.

    You are right that there is a bit weird in their editing about the hotel wedding scene that is whether JW and MN wedding or the top star wedding or both…


  2. Lucie

    I heard that Lee Dong Wook would be more present on Roommate after Hotel King filming is done. Personally, I would like to see Da Hae to participate too ^-^ along with Lee Dong Wook on the same roof!!

    Administrator of crushonleedahae, let’s make a poll about whether

    1) Da Hae should participate in Roommate? YES OR NO
    2) her roommates should be Jang Hyuk, Lee Dong Wook, Park Yuchun, and others?

    Let’s send the result to Roommate reality show.


    • Haha, actually Wookie is extra busy again with his new drama “Iron Man” which will air in less than a month (No rest for the man!!)

      I guess he has been filming a lot for Roommate just after HK wrapped filming so they could have many episodes of him before he get busy again. But I don’t think there is much chance for Da-hae to be there other than Cameo like what she did in EP 5.

      I read Roommate did film HK wrap up party so, lets wait and see when they will air that and how much of our girl we will see there 😉


  3. when i was about to lose hope that u wouldn’t update on the finale episodes, you certainly did not disappoint with your ligitimate points. I would like to say thank you for taking your time and writing this blog. I am also sorry for not commenting more, rest assured i love every single post of yours.


  4. cp

    Hi AQ

    Gee, You are great. What a superb summary!

    I did compare HK episode 32 to my experience of ordering a 4 course meal in a restaurant (earlier HK wrap up party comment). Thinking back and watching that episode again, it seemed the writer had suffered some sort of mental fatigue in her final marathon story telling. Too much beating about the bush in episode 31 and most part of episode 32, too detailed of her own storyline planning at micro level that she failed to organise this final episode at macro level for a smooth ride to final conclusion! A great deal of crappy stuff could have been omitted so there was time and space to give romantic links to those secondary characters. What a pity indeed! If she wants to become a really good writer, then perhaps she needs to learn more about the art of project management! Even a good producer/director would be lost not having enough time or to use discretion to change the script. PERHAPS IT WAS A MISUNDERSTANDING after-all!

    Oh yes, my view on the final kissing part. Perhaps it could be more realistic if the lower bodies of the sweet couple be much closer or sticking together as one. Purely speaking from experience of my wedding kiss donkey years ago! Perhaps the two sweeties were scared of falling off on rocky ground and needing to maintain the centre of gravity in windy situation!! HaHa!!!

    Gosh, how funny, too many PERHAPS!

    Anyway, I am pleased both the leading lady and man saved the day with their creative acting? Most importantly, we should be grateful that this drama gave them a chance to rekindle their past romance and hopefully a good ending in the future, if so speculated! Viva to LDH and LDW!


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