Lee Da-hae Make Another Appearance in SBS Roommate – [Video + Translation]

After doing a cameo appearance before in SBS Roommate at Episode 5, Lee Da-hae appeared again on the program when they visited “Hotel King” wrap up party on Episode 16 with aired on August 17th.

I am so happy that at last we see a part from the party and that is surely no thanks to MBC who didn’t released anything about it except some pictures. So, big thanks to SBS and Roommate for that ❤

Although our girl didn’t talk that much as they were focusing on Lee Dong Wook and did make interviews with other cast members and staff but as always in those 2 or 3 minutes talk she is SO HILARIOUS. And Dong-Hae Couple interaction off screen is always a big treat and totally made my day specially that I really do miss them so much since the drama ended.

So, check the “Hotel King” wrap up party cut in Roommate below with some translation and also some short videos fans posted from the party 🙂

I will post here the translation for Da-hae parts only but you can watch the whole cut in subs here, it is on Part 7 at min 5 mark 🙂

***Wookie pulls Da-hae to make an interview for Roommate***
DW: My Ah Mo Nae
DH: Yes, Hello
DW: This is “Roommate”
DH: Yes, nice to meet you Mr. “Roommate”

DW: Mr. “Roommate”? … This is your second time on “Roommate”
*Then they showed part of her previeous appearance*
DW: Can’t you come over just once?
DH: There are a lot of Women there [Hmph!] (Getting Jealous!! SO CUTE, kkk ^^)

DW: Then I’ll get rid of all the women
DH: He gets along really well with the women
DW: Who, me?
DH: Do you think it is easy to get rid of me? do you think you can? (Haha, how many times we get to hear our girl saying that ^^)
DW: Hey, let’s go in
DH: Goodbye. Mr. Roommate, Goodbye
*The caption says, Da-hae please come over soon*

***Seho Enter the Party***
DW: Why did you come here? Why?
SH: I wanted to see Lee Da-hae shi again.
SH: Hello again
*SH and DH are holding hands and the caption says, Two hands clasped together*
DW: Let go and talk.
SH: Hold on, we’re talking.
DW: Don’t hold her hand.
SH: I really enjoyed the drama.
* SH holding DH’s hand again*
DW: Just talk.

SH: *Representing the cake to Da-hae* Congratulation, it’s a cake.
DH: Thank you
DW: What about me?
SH: I forgot about yours.
DH: Thank you .. *To Wookie* It’s actually yours.

Later, Da-hae offer some food to Seho but he apologized cause he is on a diet but then Wookie give Da-hae a sign to feed Seho and she did and after that she told Seho “This much is okay”

***Da-hae impromptu interview with Seho and Wookie***
SH: It’s been a while since you’ve worked with Dong Wook.
DH: Yes
SH: This is a sensitive question, but your kiss scenes and bed scene became the topic of talk.
*They showed a kiss scene from Hotel King*
SH: But filming those parts…Do you get nervious or anything?

DW: Of course I do.
DH: That’s the way you act when you’re nervous? (LOOL :D)
DW: Act what way?
DH: You ask without any emotion, “Should we do it like this, or like this?” He would talk about it casually, I’m a woman too!! and before the bed scene he would fidget around, play games on his phone..
SH: That’s to relieve his nervousness

DW: Lastly, tell us what it was like working with me?
DH: When you first asked me to do this drama, I partly decided to do the drama just thinking about working with you.
DW: Thank you
DH: But as expected he treated me well until the very end. He’s worked very hard, so I hope through “Roommate” he can heal a little and rest up. It was really nice. Fighting
DW: Thank you!
*Wookie and Da-hae hug*
SH: Oh, you give each other hugs!!
*Then Da-hae give Seho hug too and then leave*

You can see while Seho and Wookie having conversation or interviews with other staff and cast members, our girl was busy signing autographs for fans and offering them drinks. And actually one fan account said “Da-Hae greeted each table and walked back and forth. She kept asking us whether we already ate. Gah, we were so touched we could cry.” I always love reading how our humble, approachable and down to earth girl treat the fans. She is one of the best ❤

And also some bonus subbed Gifs ❤

Also here are some short videos from the wrap up party from fans ❤

This video was actually while Dong-Hae were filming for roommate but I guess they edited that part out in the end which is a pity. I think it was the part just before Wookie saying “Let’s go in” from the episode. It is a pity they cut it, Da-hae was really cute doing that rap move and saying “What’s up” at the end ^^

And this is from Wookie speech at the wrap up party which as per fan accounts said was long So, this is just a short cut 😀

Also we knew that the staff and cast gone to a restaurant after the wrap up party and enjoyed their time singing and dancing and from this video we got a glimpse of it 🙂 but some fans mentioned that both Da-hae and Wookie didn’t sing. I guess they got busy as Wookie was playing the MC for the party and Da-hae as the cheerleader, LOL 😀

Credit: SBS, As Tagged, Shielizda DM Channel, purplebass @ Soompi, krissstiiinaaa @ Tumblr, weibo, iamonlyhuman1981 and Khánh Linh YT Channels | Translation: GoodDrama and ditditdutdut @ Soompi



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16 responses to “Lee Da-hae Make Another Appearance in SBS Roommate – [Video + Translation]

  1. Lucie

    Oh nice !!!!!!!!
    I just read your post during the break. I’m going to watch the videos and adding some comments after work. 😉


    • Waiting for that 😉


      • Lucie

        That is great! Thanks SBS, Roommate, and fans for the interview. Otherwise, we will miss this lovely wrap up party. aawww! Once again, how affectionate Da Hae and Wookie’s hug during the interview!!

        Nice work for all the casts and crews to bring HK on screen. I watched HK for a second time. I need to give two thumbs up for the evil couples too (Lee Deok-hwa / Lee Joong-goo / VP and Kim Hae-sook / Manager Baek).

        VP’s evil laugh still pervade my ears…kekekekekekeke


  2. Jhajha

    Watched RM ep 16… Love the interview- wish it can be longer 😝
    I hope to see more of LDH in RM ❤️DongHae❤️


  3. Nini Glez

    lol I think everyone had a great time, I think that if I had been there I would have fun in a big way too, and dahae a whole host, it was really nice of her to care for people, she really is a kind and funny person.


  4. Cindy Tr

    After watching these videos, I hope the Writer should write a romantic, comic story for LDH, LDW and SH. His roommate is funny too. Hope LDH and LDW are real couple!


  5. sweet pinky

    why dae hae does not want to appear in roomate?
    i really hope she will appear in roomate just once. really want to see her appearance there.


    • Lucie

      Indeed, I do want to see this cute possessive protective couple on Roommate. At the same time, my inner feelings tell me do not pressure our girl and let her enjoy her vacations… aww I am tormented.


      • sweet pinky

        yess, i hope after she come back from her vacation, she will appear in roomate…kekeke


        • May be Wookie also don’t want her to go to Roommate cause you know, there more men than women there 😉 and also cause she would reveal many secrets about him, doesn’t he always want to shut her up? LOL, 😀 *Just Kidding*


  6. donnabelle

    Thank you so much for this post… I wish her appearance is longer on Roommate. The Dong Hae couple looks so good together as always… the great chemistry, unspoken words and little gestures….


  7. donnabelle

    Hi there… Wookie’s sister mentioned his ex-girlfriend who became a singer on Roommate…. actually I am pretty curious who that girl is… do you have any idea?


    • I have no idea for sure but you can start guessing 😀
      But actually what Wookie’s sister said is different, she meant that the one she met was a celebrity but wasn’t a singer. But her way of saying it may meant that at some point he dated a singer but not this one 🙂


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