Lee Da-hae’s Whereabouts [Updated]


Usually when Lee Da-hae finishes a project and go on a vacation, she disappears to enjoy her resting time privately and we don’t quite know her whereabouts unless she updates us or when a fan encounter her somewhere and share it online.

And luckily we got to have that and thanks to fans, we could actually track where she have been during the last 3 weeks after she finished filming for “Hotel King“.

So, where is our girl?? 😉

Our girl stayed in Korea for sometime after the drama wrap up party which included some work schedule like filming the photo-shoot for Arnaldo Bassini Fall collection which we knew about through her interview with MBC Section TV and also we saw some pictures of her again while she was visiting Eye Wear Company. And now we know that she was still in Korea until the 12th of August evident by this picture of her sign for MZUU Jewelry that was posted online (she used the brand products in “Hotel King”)


Also on 12 of August, she updated her Weibo with a message and some BTS pictures taken from the photo-shoot of ANYA Cosmetics Ads (At least she knows that we miss her already, kkk^^)

大家过得好吗? 拍完酒店之王后, 我一直在休息! 这张照片是拍韩雅广告时在现场照的。 我怕大家想我~ [害羞] 大家要多爱韩雅新出的产品~韩雅气垫BB哦[爱你][爱你]

(Translation By zeppy10@Soompi: Is everyone doing well/fine? After filming Hotel King, I have been resting! This picture is from the photoshoot of ANYA advertisement. I am afraid everyone misses/thinking of me~  [害羞]  Everyone, please love ANYA new products… Hanya BB cushion…)

Then a blogger who was traveling on 13th of August posted about seeing our girl traveling as well but there was no proof picture. But on August 20th a Chinese fan posted a couple of pictures in LDH Baidu Bar of Da-hae and her mother from the airport when he/she encountered them on August 13th and they all took the same flight to Los Angeles (Da-hae’s Mom is the woman in white beside our girl 🙂 )


On August 19th, some pictures of our girl in LA’s downtown were posted online (including the post top picture) and made it to the news after many responded on how gorgeous our girl is. It was said in the news reports that she is having some vacation in LA. And here are a couple of more pictures ❤


Also on the same day another Chinese fan posted in LDH Baidu that he/she encountered our girl in LA in front of a hotel and said that Da-hae had lots of luggage as if she will be traveling again and that she was just in LA for work. And here is a proof picture of our girl’s back (We have seen this outfit on our girl before 🙂 )


So, our girl could have gone to LA for both work and rest as the pictures that posted online were more like being from a pictorial. But I guess we need to wait to be sure of that and for another fan encounter or update from our girl to know if she traveled again back to Korea or to another location or if she will be resting in LA for sometime.

Credit: LDH Weibo, DC and Naver via samzz @ Soompi



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8 responses to “Lee Da-hae’s Whereabouts [Updated]

  1. Nini Glez

    aish !! these stalkers fans hehe, just kidding, I hope she has a good rest and can bring new projects, by the way she looks so cute in the pictures really wow!!


  2. zeppy10

    Thanks for crediting me for the translation! Always love to follow this blog to hear about your opinions and news about dahae! Cheers!


  3. Cindy Tr

    I wish she comes back Korea so she can meet up with LDW!


  4. joan fan

    Good LDH goes for vacation to get recharge.Hopefully there is a good script for the 2L to work together since both have good acting skill and chemistry. She is a naturalist actress and superd in hotel king. She looks good in all the attire in hotel king.


  5. hermilyn

    i miss LDH and LDW 🙂


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