Fan Made Movies and Art Work for “Hotel King” – Part 3


Yes, I am still missing “Hotel King” terribly here and I guess that won’t change anytime soon so here is another post in this series which I think would be the last one as the drama ended now already and so I guess we may not get any more fan art work in the near future.

It didn’t go as I planned with this post series and I couldn’t post those ones before as I was waiting for more art works for later episodes but it doesn’t matter and here are the last patch of those lovely fan art works, hope you enjoy them like I do 🙂

Again more art work from our talented artist. I am so happy he/she is a fan of Hotel King so we could see all those amazing art works but I really hoped we could have works from him/her for all the episodes 😦


And here are more from other talented fans 🙂

Drawing10413818_1471237673115365_668698220_n Unemployed_CoupleJW_MN_FanArt_DCb57b8f1f95cad1c886fca1e67d3e6709c83d5165RLd4ef2bcb39dbb6fda58964ea0b24ab18952b37e6917165_679347195490791_1459957987_n10601692_608760012575082_1309195051_n10349671_1436183539968135_1595127957_n

Also I really like those dolls for MN and the rest of characters ❤

G6plfBW VxzTQtp

Now for the Fan Made movies, first here are Part 2 and 3 of the story of our Dong-Hae couple through the years ❤

And also a MV dedicated to their chemistry in “Hotel King”. Actually fans in DC and now internationally call them ChaMo Couple (Not sure if I mentioned before, but ChaMo means Chemistry and it is extracted from their drama names Cha Jae Won and Ah Mo Ne) ^^

And a couple of videos of Dong-Hae lovely BTS moments 😉

And also have two movies for the new OST songs from the drama “Same Place” by Vanilla Acoustic and Because It’s You” by The One. The OST for “Hotel King” is really great but I wonder if we ever going to hear a happy song !!!

Also the official and lyrics movies for the OST song “Love Sick” by “Lumin, T.O (M.Pire)

I also LOVE those parody movies a lot ❤

Lastly now check more of videos from talented fans 🙂

Credit: As Tagged,, DC, rosee_lu and amandakhj @ Instagram, kuroi-himitsu and kellygooyen @ Tumblr and all YT uploaders



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13 responses to “Fan Made Movies and Art Work for “Hotel King” – Part 3

  1. Lucie

    awww no word to say. Such nice drawings and videos


  2. Jha

    I’m really sad:(:(:( miss them so so much.


  3. Very talent!!!!!!! beautiful!


  4. Nini Glez

    Really? I didn’t know that Chamo meant chemistry, I thought it was just for the names of the characters. In my thoughts remain Hotelking and this cute couple, this obsession is unhealthy, the more time passes I think that maybe I’ll never be able to overcome this. I need help! hahaha


    • Yes, it is part of their characters’ names but also means chemistry. IMO it was really creative from DC fans to come up with this name and I was happy that Da-hae in her latest tweet about the drama with those wedding selca mentioned it cause it means she love it and also know about fans talk about them ^^

      And about obsession, if you find any medicine dear please let me know cause I SO NEED IT too !!!


      • Lucie

        Me too !!!


      • Nini Glez

        yep, they know how to make happy their fans, that is why dahae posted those beautiful selcas on her twitter, and I as a fan will always love that kind of gesture, really think bet on this project was an excellent choice, because although hotelking not has been the best drama, this gave them more popularity and I think that dahae and Dong Wook knew well, and they would return their fans crazy if they returned to work together thanks to their chemistry as a main characters (chemistry that has been perfected) and I’m sure they will work together again


        • Naise

          Im a filipino, that are very seldom watched korean soaps that was aired in the Philippines and don’t put to much interest to those lead actors but recently I was able to watched My Girl which was a rerun to one of the local cable and I don’t expect that I Lee Da Hae and Lee Dong Wook had this oozing chemistry and before I knew it I was hook with their team-up and it was difficult for me to get over when My Girl ended and that moment I wish that they’ll team-up again because I love to see them again and luckily while Im surfing to one of the local thread i saw the billboard of Hotel King posted and to my delight I searched in youtube so I can watch it, and as usual I heavenly in-love with these great korean actors and I wish they’re item in real life too 🙂


          • Hi chingu, thanks for commenting 🙂
            Happy reading your comment and don’t need to add more about Dong-Hae chemistry 😉 Hope you continue supporting them and watch their other dramas as well.
            I know Da-hae’s drama “Miss Ripley” has just finished airing in the Philippine and I read news about Hotel King airing there as well but not sure when ^^


  5. joan fan

    I will not be tired seeing hotel king drama again. Superb acting and storyline. It kept me in suspense who kills Mo dad😟. Lets hope HansCinema will put them in room mates and also in running man shows.


    • Lucie

      I am watching Running Man for the first time few weeks ago from episode 1. Surprisingly, the filming location of Running Man episode 23 (around december 2010) was also the same location of Hotel King (around april 2014), which is Pyeongchang. We could see Intercontinental Alpensia Pyeongchang Resort and Holiday Inn Resort Alpensia Pyeongchang. I have no word to say… It might beome a busy place for PyeongChang 2018 Olympics, and let’s say if Hotel King is filmed in 2017 instead of 2014 + Olympic in 2018; or maybe they could make a Hotel Queen for 2017 ^-^


      • They chose that place in HK to promote the city and the hotel for the Olympics in 2018 actually 😉
        And as you are watching running Man you have to watch Da-hae episodes, I am replayed them again recently to kill the time and I like our girl there, she really had some super funny moments there 😉


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