[Help] Dessperately Need my Da-hae Dose!!


Although I am really thankful that since the ending of “Hotel King” we actually got news, pictures and interviews of Lee Da-hae but I guess all this still not enough dose of her to satisfy my needs and I am still missing her A LOT 😦

I am so tired of myself as you may be tired of me saying how I miss Da-hae again and again, and I tell myself that I should be already used to this because it is always our girl’s habit to disappear after finishing each project to enjoy her rest time privately but I am really not sure what to do, I really need some cure for this Da-hae obsession which keep getting worse but honestly I don’t want to be cured ^^

Today is the last day of August and I am hoping that the new month will bring us more news about her or at least we could know her whereabouts now.

But till then, let me share those amazing Fan Arts from Da-hae’s Chinese talented fans ❤


Credit: As Tagged and LDH Baidu Bar



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2 responses to “[Help] Dessperately Need my Da-hae Dose!!

  1. Lucie

    awww!!! It’s already September 2014…


  2. Nini Glez

    Yes, I also need my dose of Da Hae, I miss her.(╯_╰)


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