Happy Chuseok ♥ ♥

Happy holidays for our girl and every one celebrating Chuseok/Mid-Autumn Festival ❤

Lee Da-hae updated her Weibo with a message and pictures celebrating the occasion in LA and sorry cause again I need to praise her beauty, fashion and body which is becoming too mainstream here 😀

But still hopefully she will be eating A LOT today while celebrating with her family. Yes need to add some kilograms there dear, kkk ^^ And obviously the above picture she also posted is from her ANYA Ads photo-shoot 🙂

Here is her message:


(Translation by nocturne9 @ Soompi: Happy mid-autumn festival.  I am celebrating in LA ^_^)

LDH WeiboCredit: LDH Weibo



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6 responses to “Happy Chuseok ♥ ♥

  1. lenywong

    Is she holding a cigarrette and a sunglass? Or my eyes mistaken?….hopefully……cross my finger and pray……


    • No dear, I think this is the sunglasses temples crossed 😀
      Not that it would actually matter if she does smoke, but as far as I know she doesn’t smoke and that is one of the tips she mentioned in an interview to be able to maintain her complex.


  2. Lucie

    Seeing her enjoying vacations is good, but does she loose some weight? Or it’s just the pictures; especially the last one.


    • I agree that she looks thin specially in that last picture and that is why I mentioned she need to put some weight there 😀

      Our girl tend to lose weight quite fast but also the angles of the pictures and the fact that she wears black also can give this feeling.

      Generally, I as long as she is healthy I don’t mind but I admit that I like her chubbier specially on the face, kkk^^


  3. Charles

    She is really beautiful and her figure complements her height, BTW, I just finished watching Roommate ep 19 and I couldn’t help but remember the scene in HK where LDH was afraid of birds coz here in this episode, LDW showed his natural fear of chickens. What a coincidence, the other one is because of her character and the other one is because of his natural fear for the feathered ones…..


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