Lee Da-hae Interview for InStyle Weddings Magazine Sep-Oct 2014 Issue


I really keep loving this pictorial more with each picture released from it ❤

I was happy seeing a couple of more pictures of Lee Da-hae from InStyle Weddings pictorial are out but also thanks to fans we got scans for the rest of the pictures from the magazine and her interview that was published along with them which allowed fans to translate the interview.

I am so late posting this as unfortunately there was no translation from Korean to English. So it took long time to do this translation as  I relied mainly on online translators to translate the Chinese and Vietnamese versions of the interview to be able to understand more and with some help from fans who know one of those languages I was able to complete.  So, this won’t be a very accurate translation but hopefully it is good enough and of course any correction is welcomed 🙂


But before moving to the interview, I just wanted to say that I really liked how they described the atmosphere of the interview and Da-hae attitude in it and really enjoyed it because it is more a heart to heart talk than a Q&A Interview which add more feeling and depth to the thoughts Da-hae shared there. It is really obvious how mature she is becoming while getting older and reading her words here makes me wish even more than anytime before that she can have her own small happy family soon ❤

So, lets read what Da-hae got to say in that interview 🙂


Sometimes costumes can be an accurate indicator of a person’s psychological state. The first day after the fly to LA, Lee Da-hae was wearing a loose destroyed jeans, a simple gray T-Shirt and very comfortably standing in front of the hotel at 1010 Wilshire waiting for the crew. No makeup, did not reveal a bit of the curve body, Looks very comfortable. Her style from head to toe, it is hard to imagine that she is the same girl who played Ah Mo Ne the hotel heiress in “Hotel King” (cause she wore casual cloths)

During filming, couldn’t rest, almost can’t sleep, in addition, the lines are so many (laughs), and to play the role of a perfect chaebol heiress I wore high heels all the time, now I want to relax. We filmed for six months in Pyeongchang-Gangwon, my face got thinner, but now got rid of the heavy expression so looks relaxed.

“Lets start with dinner, the fried food of that restaurant is delicious. (Come on) ”  She must be happy meeting the crew in LA Downtown , she led the crew to her favorite restaurant here and started selecting each item in the menu without hesitation with the tone of a tomboy.

Sitting beside her for a while, I felt I am seeing the real Lee Da-hae not the face of the actor in entertainment industry. Although she was a little like an Ice Princess at first, but she hates to hide her real thoughts which can sometimes make people misunderstand, but after a while you‘ll feel like you are old friends, she is such a person.


Recently Palm Springs is so hot from LA it took 2.5 hours to reach the resort in Palm Springs, it was hottest time in summer.We even thought we were standing in the harsh desert and were very afraid the heat could affect the shooting.

In order to be able to show her perfect condition, for a few days she only eat sweet potatoes. She said, ” I haven’t shoot a magazine pictorial in a while, can’t have a puffy/swollen face” so she didn’t enjoy the abundance and tailor-made room service. Just asked the editor for a glass of cold orange juice.

Her coveted 23-inch waist, Slender arms and straight legs, with envy asked her what is the secret to keep such a perfect body.  I can say nothing new but may make people angry if put it this way “I am naturally fit”. And not to be wronged she shook her hand and said “I usually eat so much, pasta and pizza and so on. But I know this kind of food is not suitable for me. So when I don’t have to work, I mainly eat Korean food, and walk every day with my dog by Han river side for exercise”

After shooting she stays in sauna room for a whole day to release all the sweat, then eats a lot of Mexican food. She said with a smile “I am learning cooking these days, I cooked Spicy Roast Chicken and Fried Pork from a recipe on a smartphone application. I gave my food to friends and it was praised. It is interesting”


Not long ago, after finishing filming her drama she shared her feelings with her co-star Lee Dong Wook saying: “Now is a good time to start a new life” . To be able to do things I wanted to do but couldn’t, like having a good sleep and travel. To put it more clearly, I must live the life of a woman who walked past the age of 30 and I should properly determine the direction for my future life.

Sometimes life is like a drama, Just like Ah Mo Ne during filming I met a lot of good people, of course don’t need to mention about Dong Wook Oppa, but also Hyun Joo is a very lovely girl who took great care of me in every little thing and we are friends. Despite the many twists and turns during the show, but the most important thing to me is that through this I got many precious people.  And although the ratings were disappointing, but because of the happy environment it become a very memorable work for me. Like “Robber”, although the ratings were low, but it became a milestone in my career as an actor.Very strange, although the filming was tough and the weather was cold but I really felt very warm. Until now I  still listen to the drama OST.

She tasted a bit of the orange juice in front of her and said that she is very satisfied with her present/current status and if time could stop she wanted that at the age of 20 she could have understood things like when she is 31 years old now.


To be honest living as an artist, I have to pretend I am happy even when I am unhappy and when I am happy, I have to pretend I am happier. In a script when I don’t understand something, then I express it immediately and ask the director about the parts I have problem with or if something’s not right. But as time passed, I gradually changed, became more closed and hypocrite (knowing how to pretend). When I discovered this I was really shocked.

I always hope the future to be better than now, and I found that I got used to the help from the people around me. So I know now that although being an actor is very important but being a daughter of a mother, a friend of someone is more important to me.

Maybe in contrast to Seoul in LA she feels comfortable and don’t hesitate to express her ideas and show her real personality. In front of the person she likes she would never confess her love first and with a shy blushing face she shared that a tall man who can hug her fully with one arm is her favorite style.

While participating in a work, can put on a look of ease on the outside but inside feel a lot of anguish and worry, and because of much thinking can’t even sleep well. Every time when get the script in the middle of the night she always wanted to say stop and go directly to the people and say she doesn’t like that, with such a candid confession who can hate her?

The actor with already beautiful blossom 12-year career said “But can’t give up the moments of joy every time I am acting, this seems to be the reason (why she continue acting)”

Those three serious days seemed like a day, She was like the sunshine of California. Very cool and very warmly greeted us saying “Next time, lets go to the cool South Korea!”


———————————————— The End ————————————————

Our girl looks so gorgeous in those close up picture in “Steal Her Looks” caps. I am totally in love with both looks specially the “Classic Edge” one ❤

 And here are the caps for the interview transcript (so you can refer to the original) along with scans of the pictures from the magazine 🙂

Credit: InStyle Weddings, Aura beauty, Instagram and LDH DC | Vitnamese Translation by: Lee | Chinese Translation by: Sunnie | English Translation by: Online Translators, muchcloudier, bluewings666 and ViX @  Soompi



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5 responses to “Lee Da-hae Interview for InStyle Weddings Magazine Sep-Oct 2014 Issue

  1. Nini Glez

    Thanks for this, I really miss her, now I know more about the personality of DaHae, she is a nice prson, I hope she can have a better luck in her next project.


  2. Jha

    This quote made my day ❤️❤️❤️ DongHae
    Not long ago, after finishing filming her drama she shared her feelings with her co-star Lee Dong Wook saying: “Now is a good time to start a new life”


  3. Unnie, our DaHae is so expressive! I love this interview of her.


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