Lee Da-hae is Back Home

Finally our long wait for Lee Da-hae‘s overseas vacation to end and to know that she is back to South Korea is over 🙂

Our girl’s long time stylist updated her Twitter with a message about meeting with our girl after coming back from her long break and enjoying a surprise, tasty meal with her ^^ It seems that our girl is indeed doing much effort to learn cooking and test it on her friends as she said in her latest InStyle Weddings interview 😀

Here is the translation of Da-hae’s stylist message

Long rest ends and Da-hae is back…..
Went home, Da-hae is waiting with a table full of dishes
Da-hae good heart really touched me… The taste is very good! good!
Da-hae yah I love you~~~ thank you~~~

While this is not much of a news and that having Da-hae back home doesn’t directly mean that we will see her back to work right away but I think it is a good indication that we may see her having some activities soon (hopefully).

Now check below some pictures from fans who spotted Da-hae when she was still in LA ❤

This was posted in 20/8 which was the time our girl was shooting the InStyle Weddings and you can see our girl with her manager and Stylist in what seems like a beauty salon 🙂

And those couple of pictures were posted when a fan saw our girl shopping in Glendale on 19/9 ^^

Credit: As Tagged and lhy8918 Twitter | Translation: Online Translators



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2 responses to “Lee Da-hae is Back Home

  1. Wow does she go to LA a lot? It’d be such a shock to see her roaming around my neck of the woods. 😉


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