Lee Da-hae Pours Us with Weibo Updates

It is really rare to see our girl update so much in such a short time and also twice a day. So, it is surely telling that our girl is in such a good happy mode ^^

On 27th of September, our girl updated us a message along with the below picture in addition to the one above while she enjoyed part of her vacation in Las Vegas

Here is her message:

这次在久违的拉斯维加斯拍的照片, 从出发前到开新愉快 的时刻!

(Translation: Those pictures taken from Las Vegas which I missed for a long time. Exciting and enjoyable moments before departure!)

Her other updates are full of talk and picture about food and from those and what her Stylist updated us it seems she made 3 meals for friends and family in 2 days so, she might have actually spent all her time home just cooking or preparing food which makes me wonder will our girl take cooking as a career now or may be publish a cooking book soon?! kkk 😀

But I am mostly happy about her new fond of cooking because it may mean that she will be eating more and hopefully gain some weight so please Da-hae don’t worry about that, most fans would like to see that happening 🙂

Now have a look below on our girl’s cooking along with her messages [Warning: lots of Yummy food pictures ahead 😉 ]

On 26th of September she updates us with the breakfast she prepared for her mom ^^

我最近迷上了做料理~ 要不要既介绍一下韩国美食又一点一点公开一下我的秘密食谱呢? ㅋ 而且最重要的是这个是在没有任何人的帮助下自己完成的料理哦 哈哈哈!! 那做为开始!从公开为今天早上从美国回来的妈妈准备的早餐餐桌开始! !

(Translation: I am really into cooking lately.  Should I give a small introduction of the Korean cuisine and give out my secret recipes bit by bit?? keke.. and the most important thing is that I made all these without anyone’s help Hahaha!!  So to start, I prepared the breakfast table for mom who just arrived from US this morning!! )

And here is her other update on 27th of September 🙂

啦啦! 第二回公开! 这是前天邀请朋友来吃我做的鸡肉炒饭及蛤蜊豆腐汤! 炒饭里面使用了酱油吃完了也没有落下甜点..长胖了怎么办呢?

(Translation: la la la! second round of revelation! here is what I made for a friend who came over the day before yesterday, chicken, fried rice, clam and tofu soup! I used soya sauce in the fried rice. We also had dessert after finishing the rice.. what to do if gained weight? )

Credit: LDH Weibo | Translation: Online Translators, nocturne9 and bluewings666 @ Soompi



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7 responses to “Lee Da-hae Pours Us with Weibo Updates

  1. Our Da Hae is really lovely :)… Preparing to be a good wife… The food look so yummy!! Keep it up Da Hae 🙂


    • M. Loyola

      There’s a guy in the background. Is it Wookie, she is cooking for? I hope so. By the way, I was able to vote again for Hotel King. DongHae fans, let’s unite and vote for Hotel King as the best Korean Drama for 2014. And to quote Yoo Rin in “My Girl” drama, “Be Blessed!


  2. Amanda

    How can I vote for them


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