Lee Da-hae in China with Fans and At Shunvfang Fashion Show – [Photos and Videos]

LDH Fashion Show

I am a bit late on this one but I wanted to wait for sometime to collect all the pictures from fans and media of Lee Da-hae Visit to China and of her attending Shunvfang Fashion show. Our girl attended the event on the 8th and spent the next two days shooting the Ads for the brand new S/S 2015 Collection and already returned back to Korea this morning.

I really love the pattern on that dress our girl wore on the Fashion show which is of course from Shunvfang new S/S collection and I am surely looking forward to that collection when it comes out.

Now, check below for lots of pictures and videos which mostly coming from fans who I really need to thank for their hard effort following our girl around and making her feeling welcomed and at home ❤

[P.S. I noticed they changed the English name for the brand a bit from “Shunufang” to “Shunvfang” in the latest fashion shows so I am changing it from now on as well but don’t be confused cause it is the same clothing brand ]

First here are some pictures from Fans when they were welcoming her at the airport on the 8th ^^

And this is the video of their meeting with her at the airport ❤

Here is the translation

[Note: Duoduo is Da-hae nickname which Chinese fans gave her and she love to sign with it when she is in China]

0:23 – DH told a fan we’ll see each other in a bit (that was once she came of the door and saw fans waiting)
0:28-  Fan: DH we love to watch HK   DH: Thank you
0:32 – Fan: Your Chicken Fried Rice must be very good  DH: Haha  Fan: The meal looks good
1:18 – Fan: Duoduo (DH) are you happy to come to GuangZhou?  DH: I am happy
Fan: We are your fan club on Weibo and Baidubar.  We report news about you on weibo.  DH: Thank you
Fan: DH’s mom came with you?  DH: Ah, no
1:30 – Fan: Duoduo you are very pretty today!
1:50 – Fan: Hello manager Oppa, we see you all the time on photos
2:00 – Fan: Duoduo you’re so skinny you need to eat more!  DH: Hehe..
Fan: You need to eat more and grow some meat!  DH:  Hehehe..
2:06 – Fan:  Our heart aches (referring to her being skinny)  DH:  Don’t be
2:10 – Fan:  Duoduo when is your next project?  DH: Not yet
2:15 – Fans were laughing because Dahae was signing this hot fan made pic
2:31 –  DH:  Can you call my manager for me?
3:15 –  Fan: Duoduo we love you!!
3:22 –  Just fans saying let’s take a group picture instead of individual cause she has to leave soon
4:00 –  DH: Thank you I have to go!
4:15 –  Fan:  Lee dong wook!
4:18 –  Fan1:  When are you coming with DW oppa?
Fan2:  With DW oppa (incomplete sentence)
Fan3:  You have to be happy with DW oppa!
DH:  Shook head and whispered I don’t know.

Secondly we got some pictures from the Shunvfang Fashion show and event in which Da-hae had media interview and I think presented gifts to some lucky customers 🙂

And here are a report and some fan taken videos from the Fashion show

#leedahae #donghaecouple #hotelking

A post shared by much晴 (@muchcloudier) on

This is her interview with media from a fan cam, if I get to have a better version or some translation of what she said I will update here 🙂

Lastly some pictures and videos from the airport before she fly back home ^^

And here is a video for their meeting with her 🙂

Kkk, seems all fans shares the same thoughts and want her to get married soon as many teased her about marriage in this video^^ Also Chinese fans were kind enough to ask her to say something for international fans and she said “Hi Everyone, Thank you for loving me“. Isn’t she cute?

Here is the full translation

0:10 –  DH: No pen?   Fan: Pen yes there is pen
0:16 –  Fan: It’s great (that you’re early) we thought we wouldn’t see you until later like 2 am
0:23 –  DH: When are you guys going home?  Fan: We will be going home after seeing you, we came here to see you
0:34 –  Fan: We watched all your works
0:40 –  Fan: Duoduo do you know when I started liking you?  DH: I don’t know  Fan1: since 2006  Fan2: 2008 I saw you for the first time
0:48 –  DH: What is this.. ah.. smile (she’s signing this pictureFan: I made this, I really like it, you’re really cute.
1:05 –  Fan: Can you put my name on it?  My name is Much
1:21 –  Fan: Duoduo when are you going to get married?? DH: (Looks shocked) There is no man
1:26 –  Fan: Isn’t there someone right next to you?? DH: (Shook her head) There isn’t
2:00 –  Fan: DH do you know today is day of playing cute?  DH: ….(She couldn’t understand this)
2:14 –  Fan: When are you coming to GZ again?  DH: Next time…
2:10 –  Fan: Duoduo besides Chinese fans there are lots of international fans who would like to send their blessings
2:26 –  DH: ah, what should I say?  Fan: Say something in English DH: I wish you happiness and good health!
2:40 –  Fan: Can you say it in English? They all speak English DH: Hi everyone, thank you for loving me!
3:00 –  Fan: Duoduo we will go see you in Korea next year
3:00 –  Fan: Duoduo there is a small gift for you. (She gave her PINK Baby Shoes which you can see here)
3:25 –  Fan: Will support you always.  DH: Thank you  Fan: Please weibo more don’t just do twitter!
[Then Da-hae had to leave]
4:44 –  Fan: You have to tell us when you are ready to get married!! DH: Laughing…

Credit: As Tagged, Shunvfang, uploaders and MuchCloudier Instagram | Translation: nocturne9 @ Soompi



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4 responses to “Lee Da-hae in China with Fans and At Shunvfang Fashion Show – [Photos and Videos]

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  3. drosyita

    how adorable she is!!!
    btw, the store of product shunuvang only on china or available in the other country?
    ever she came in Indonesia?? i wanna look her 😦

    Thankissss for the completeee report, i always missing her day by day, qiiiqiiiqiii


    • I am not sure about I don’t think they have stores outside of China.
      I hope your wish come true and you can see her someday * I am hoping the same for myself although I know I don’t have much hope 😀 *


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