Lee Da-hae Execlusive Interview for L’Oreal Professionnel

Although as their model for F/W It Look, this more of a promotion for L’Oreal Professionnel and a fashion talk but I was still happy to find this interview cause it is not so often for Lee Da-hae to do interviews and also cause I know many fans are interested to hear some fashion and beauty tips from our girl so I hope they will be happy reading this one 🙂

Despite being published just lately but this interview was done some time ago when our girl shoot their Ad and was still filming “Hotel King”.

[I need to thank my lovely and dear friend bluewings from Soompi so much for answering my request and helping in translating this interview ❤ ]

L'Oreal 4

How do you like this collaboration with L’Oreal Professionnel? What character do you admire of the brand?

I always find L’Oreal Professionnel a fashion leader and one of the most renowned hairdressing brands. I personally like to use L’Oreal Professionnel products very much. I am very honored to be the ambassador of their fall/winter hair trend.

Can you share with us your feelings and experience on this F/W hair trend? What does Arty Trend mean to you?

I like the hair trend very much. It combines the delicate French style with the Korean fashion trend that go very well with the hair color and hairstyles of the Asians. It makes the face shape stands out and brightens the skin color. I believe that many girls would want to try.

I heard a lot about the Arty’s concept before. Through this collaboration with the brand, I got to know the concept even better. I agree with the saying that woman is like a painting. I am very excited that also like fashion show and street-style shootings, through the hair color and hair styling, the hairstylists build the trendy elements into that painting.

In recent 2 years, Korean trend has been the most popular fashion style among Asian women, what is your opinion about that? What is your favorite Korean fashion element?

As a Korean, I am certainly very proud of it. I also hope my country can bring more interesting and chic fashion elements to everybody. I like Korean clothing and footwear brands a lot, but I don’t have any specific favorite fashion elements. I just pick the ones I like and feel comfortable with.

L'Oreal 3

Hair Care & Hair Styling Tips

In daily life, can you share with us your hair styling step by step?

I am rather lazy, so I usually do hair treatment and styling in hair salons. This is because you will only know what kind of hairstyle suits you most after you communicate with the hairstylists.

How important is hair in your life? What are your tips to keep healthy hair and shining color?

In filming, I care a lot of hairstyling, it is the most important to me after the face make-up. A suitable hair color can brighten the face color and a nice hairstyle can refine the face shape. It makes me feel more confident.

As to the tips for hair care, I prefer to use hair care products of oil essence. They moisturize the hair and protect the hair from pollutants. For keeping hair color, I trust Cristalceutic Treatment. It keeps the color right in the core of the hair and make hair color long lasting.

What is your impression about L’Oreal Professionnel before this collaboration? What are your favorite hair products from L’Oreal Professionnel during 2014 FW Hair Trend shooting?

L’Oreal Professionnel is my favorite hair care brand. It is fashionable and presents women’s beauty and elegance. I’m very honored with this collaboration.

Have you tried “inoa” during this shooting? What is the most impressive experience of this star product?

Of course I did. I heard that it is the most revolutionary product, the process of using it is enjoyable and makes no damage to the hair. I had the experience and it really didn’t make any damage on my hair. More, it brightens the hair color and makes it look shiny. You all can try and you won’t regret it.

L'Oreal 5

Professional Career

What’s next on your project list?

I am filming the last few episodes of “Hotel King”. After that, I will engage in some events in China. I hope the next project will be in China. I hope there will be such opportunity and will be pleased if been contacted.

Have you the plans to develop more in China?

Of course I have. China is one of my favorite Asian countries. My fans here are very cute, I hope there will be plans to work in China. I will be very happy if there is opportunity to film a Chinese historical drama.

Please share on most impressive case in your career path that you are quite proud of.

Many fans like My Girl, and it is also the one that I am very proud of in my career. The character is very close to my own personality. I am very pleased that many people like it.

Chinese audience know and adore you through TV series<My Girl>, and this is of course one of the best projects in your career life, what did <My Girl> bring to you and how did <My Girl> influence you?

To some extent, the character in My Girl also presents my true personality in real life. I’m very happy that so many people like it. I am also grateful that many people get to know me and like me through this drama.

L'Oreal 1

Personal Life Sharing

Share with us some current hot beauty tips among Korean actress.

I don’t really follow the facial beauty trends because everyone’s skin type is different. I personally care more about the daily skincare. Hydration is absolutely essential. Always remember to wear sunscreen before going out. Of course, I suggest everyone to do exercise regularly, just like artists and celebrities do, it can help sweat and detoxify and keep you in a happy mood. This will make your skin even better.

Please give us your 3 must-have fashion objects.

I have a few favorite items recently: short knitwear or shirt with high waist pants; if you want to look fresher, you can match the shirt with shorts, of course the most important is a pair of nice sandals. These are the items I like very much recently.

Do you have any hobbies (Sports, culture?)

You may not believe, but when I am free from filming, I focus in learning Chinese! I personally don’t like exercise, but for keeping my body fit, I always go to gym and exercise.

Can you recommend us some of your favorite travel destinations?

Well, there are many of them. But I plan to go to the US after finishing the drama filming. Then I plan to have a longer trip to China, ha ha. Actually, there are many Chinese tourists visiting Korea. Not only Seoul, Jeju is also a very nice choice. We welcome you all to visit Korea.

Recommend one book that you are addicted to recently?

I like to read. But I am too busy with filming, I don’t really have time to read any books. Before that, the best book I read is the speech collection of Obama. I learned a lot from the book and want to recommend it to everyone.

L'Oreal 2

Source: hair8 | Credit: L’Oreal, LDH Chinese Fan Club Weibo| Translation: bluewings


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