More of Lee Da-hae’s Yummy Food ^^

It is not something new that Lee Da-hae goes on hiding mode and while as a greedy fan I always feel sad when she does that mainly cause I miss her and I always worry when I don’t know anything about her but still if she doesn’t feel like updating and she wants to enjoy some private time so be it and I just wish she is happy in whatever she does and enjoying her time away from the spotlight.

Fortunately after almost a month since our girl’s last update and more than 2 weeks since her last public appearance when she traveled to China, today she updated her Weibo again with more about her cooking craft while she is giving her acting craft some rest 😀

And also she updated her profile picture on Weibo with the BTS picture above from her last InStyle Weddings Magazine photo-shoot ❤

Here is the message she posted with the pictures below

好久没有给大家公开我的手艺了!现在公开一下我做的 “California seaweed roll”加利福尼亚馅卷!这款馅卷里面有多种蔬菜,是一道健康食品!大家也做做看吧 [花心][花心]

(Translation by supercalifragilistic@Soompi: It’s been a while since I’ve shown off my culinary skills! Here’s a California sushi roll I made.  It’s really healthy; the filling is made up of different types of vegetables.  Perhaps you’d like to try making it too?)

Also, Da-hae’s stylist updated her Twitter on October 12th with pictures of a meal Da-hae cooked after the stylist injured her leg (Hope she is feeling better now)



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2 responses to “More of Lee Da-hae’s Yummy Food ^^

  1. soupsoua

    Not only is she beautiful, a great actress, but she’s a great cook as well? What can our girl not do??? ❤


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