Lee Da-hae with her Grandparents

This is both good and sad news, so at last we got a new picture from Lee Da-hae which she posted on her Twitter today and it is rather special cause she took it with her grandparents and it is actually the first time she shared a picture of them so it is great to see ❤ But the sad news is that our girl’s puppy “Strawberry” actually was sick and lost an eye 😦

Here is the translation of her message:

Poor little Strawberry lost one eye … Thanks to my grandparents for taking care of my sick dog during my busy schedule, I personally prepared snacks for them^^ Grandma and Grandpa to longevity and health! Strawberry, I love you!

So, she is still so active cooker 😀 but I am not sure what busy schedule she is referring to cause I thought she is totally free these days !! Or may be she was referring to some CF shooing?? Although I would love to think it is more than that.

But anyway I hope Strawberry is much better now and it is good to know she is surrounded by other members of her loving family while she is in Korea now cause I think if she relied on her grandparents to take care of her dog so it means her mother is not with her right now.

Credit: LDH Twitter and Online Translators



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2 responses to “Lee Da-hae with her Grandparents

  1. What a heart warming photo. Very kind of her, she care of her grand parents. Sad for the little puppy TT little fIghter.


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