So Bored !!!


Whenever there is nothing new about our girl, I feel like this even though I am actually watching lots of dramas lately some are old and some airing.

Part of the reason for watching so many dramas is a trial to keep myself busy and to shut my head for sometime from thinking too much about Lee Da-hae and the normal worries I have but yes it doesn’t always work.

But because I still have to see our girl in anything, I am re-watching some of my favorite scenes of Chuno and Hotel King these days ^^

So, how about you? What are you doing these days to overcome the drought?

And because I don’t have a new picture of our girl to add to this post, I wanted to post some art work from talented fans instead. The ones below are from her dramas My Girl and Chuno ❀

10731950_654074254713288_1824643483_n005CUJ8Kjw1ekt8z52omxj30ci0f1wi52006_8_13_57057_315705710735492_1628104787416537_1255333718_n 10787736_334179960087483_686505403_n

Credit: As Tagged via LDH Baidu, learningart_115, mayacacizimler and naaaa_427 @ Instagram



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13 responses to “So Bored !!!

  1. DreamyXinzy

    I have been surviving on HOTEL KING for the last 100 days……….no other dramas interest me at all. I need to see doctor.


    • Haha, I don’t think you would find a medication for that chingu πŸ˜‰


      • DreamyXinzy

        Nae chinggu, I am beyond cure since I can repeat n times watching the 32 episodes. Bi-jin person here. Stumbled upon on your write up some time ago and fell in love with it. Thanks for all the hardwork and time devoted to keep this updated. πŸ™‚


        • Oh, you are so sweet. Thanks a lot ^^ I am feeling bad cause I can’t come up with some ideas for posts to keep the blog more alive for all fans so I wish at least we get something new before the end of this year so we have more to talk about *praying*


  2. Jha

    From MG, HK, BTS, soompi to IG posts …. Anything to see DongHae!


  3. Pretimis

    I wAtched HK probably 500x.cant get over of donghae😍😍😍


  4. HOpefully there will be something next to donghae. It will be nice if they will be couple in real life.any update about this two after HK?are they still seeing each other?


    • I really hoped we got to see Dong-Hae doing some promotion for HK in some country but we didn’t 😦 and actually Wookie got busy again doing his drama “Iron/Blade Man”


  5. Purpletulip

    I have to rewatch all the fan made video, bts ,hotel king, strong heart, roommate to cure my sickness of missing them so so so much. I hope da hae can post at least smth on twitter or wei bo once a week to keep us update abt her life. Missing someone is painful.. 😦


    • Oh ya, we were really lucky we got so many and amazing Fan Made videos for HK and Dong-Hae. Some of them are always on my playlist too ❀
      And like you I wish our girl could be more generous in her SNS updates but what to do ?! 😦


  6. roxy

    I love dong-hae πŸ’ still watching My Girl and Hotel King everyday! Hope they will do again more series like action for something new to their fans 😎


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