[Event] Come Get “Hotel King” Calender 2015 – (Closed)


[Edit: This event is now closed and so no more copies will be sent. I have sent e-mails to all fans who participated and commented below except for those I explicitly replied to and mentioned that their comment is not complete or that I am having problem with their mail and didn’t get a reply from them. For those only, I will send their copies if ever I received a reply. And for all other participants, please make sure to check the e-mail address you wrote here to find your copy in an e-mail with subject (“Hotel King” Calender 2015) and don’t forget to check the spam folder as well. Thank you all for participating and hope you enjoy this calender through the new year]

YAAAAY !! We are getting a special Christmas present this year thanks to our great Hotel King and Dong-Hae Couple Chinese fans ❤

Chinese fans have created a Hotel King calender for 2015 focused on Chamo/Dong-Hae couple moments and they already started selling it printed in China. You can get from here if you can 😉

And because they are thoughtful and want all fans around the world to also get the opportunity to enjoy it so came the idea to make an English version as well. But because it would be impossible to organize selling that version around the world so instead you can get a soft printable copy of the calender for free which you can print yourself or use it on your PC or Phone.

So, check below how you can get it ^^

Before getting into details, I have to thank all fans who participated in this calender specially my lovely friend Much for giving me the opportunity to organize this event here.

How To Participate

It is very simple, just comment on this post sharing your feelings about Hotel King, Dong-Hae Couple chemistry there and your favorite moment(s) of them in the drama. (isn’t that easy 😀 )

You will receive an e-mail with the Calender attached after you participate (don’t worry if it took sometime to receive the e-mail and be sure you will get it 😉 )

The Last date to participate is 31 December 2014, 23:59 (UTC +02:00).


Please stick to those rules when you receive the calender to respect the fans effort and the gift they are giving to us (we trust you ^^)

  • Don’t Forward to anyone.
  • Don’t Edit or post online.
  • Don’t Use the pics for commercial purposes.

A look on the Calender

The calender is really beautiful, full of amazing HD shots of our Chamo/Dong-Hae couple from Hotel King scenes and the drama BTS including some dialogues from the drama. And it also highlights the important dates in both real and reel lives of Dong-Hae  😀

For printing, the calender size should 8*6 inch(6R) / 20.32*15.24 cm

I hope the calender will brighten our new year and will help us to keep remembering Jae Wan and Mo Ne like Lee Da-hae and Lee Dong Wook wanted us to ❤

ENG collection

Credit: As Tagged, Hotel King and Dong-Hae Baidu Bars



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203 responses to “[Event] Come Get “Hotel King” Calender 2015 – (Closed)

  1. biankee

    I have seen/watched Hotel King few weeks ago and until this day I havent moved on from the series. Every episode gave me surprises and made me realized that its wonderful to have someone on your side that loves, support and understand you. Watching Cha Jae Wan suffers from lots of problems makes me wish that I am the one who hugs and console him butI know Ah Mo Ne is always there for him. I love how Mo Ne and Jae Wan fight for their love despite all the hindrances. One of my favorite scene was the swing kiss, it came out very natural, it made me think that it wasnt Mo Ne and Jae Wan whom I was watching but Da Hae and Dong Wook itself. How I wish that the DongHae couple will get to work again soon and they may have maintain their relationship (may it be romantically or friendly) forever. Missing DongHae couple I think I need to rewatch it again hehehehe. Have a nice day everyone~


  2. Ann Kiunisala

    Hi apqaria! I was so happy when I read this blog and excited as well to get a DongHae calendar. I have always been a fan of DongHae loveteam. Even during my girl, I would laugh, cry, and most importantly swoon with most if not all of their scenes.
    So when I’ve learned that Lee DaHae and Lee DongWook are back together in Hotel King, I was really like “I must have done something good in my past life.”
    DongHae is amazingly natural. They are different than any other loveteams I know. They have the “you-can-do-nothing-but-love-us” factor. They are comfortable with each other which make them look adorable. All of their scenes were really memorable although their moments in little Ciel stand-out the most because that was where I had the most sceam and swoon time in my present and past life combined. Ah who can ever forget the gorgeous worried face of Cha JaeWan when he thought Ah MoNe’s gone.
    Another thing that I adore about DongHae is that their adlibs work like magic to me. Their moments in the swing were unforgettable. I so love their chemistry. I tell you guys, DongHae is for REAL! And if they’re not, I don’t know what is.

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    • Haha, you are so cute ^^
      About their little Ciel scenes, I was really shy watching those two together as if I was invading their own privacy. My face turned so red and it became so hot in the room. And if I was alone, I am sure I would be screaming too but I was busy trying to contain my excitement and hiding my red face, lol 😀
      Thanks for participating 🙂


  3. muchcloudier

    Thanks ap for helping me hold this event, all comments are moving me, fans are so cute, love u all!I just got my own calendars, really beautiful 😘 many chinese fans received it too. I am so happy that so many fans love it.

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    • Thanks to you dear for making that beautiful calender and gift it to us ❤

      I am so happy reading all the stories from lovely fans here, I am honored to be able to help them to get this calender ^^


  4. Victoria Ramos

    I’m a huge fan of Hotel King! Love the DongHae couple. They both are Amazing!! I’m excited! 🙂


    • Make sure you post another comment with more about your feelings about Hotel King, Dong-Hae Couple chemistry there and your favorite moment(s) of them in the drama to receive your copy of the calender 🙂


    • Hi Chingu, Could you please share with us more of your feelings about the drama, Dong-Hae couple and your favorite moments of them in the drama to fully participate?


  5. OcHi

    Actually All of the Moments that Jae Wan and Mo Ne have during the Series are Specials.. Still very Clear to me up until now to Remember the Scenes Part by Part.. Not yet Find the Excitement waiting for the Next Episode for Korean Series Up until Pinnochio Airing.. Ok,, lets go back to the Topic.. Favorite Moments for me include the Scene when Mo Ne comes to Jae Wan House to tell him about his Mother from the Picture.. During the Scene,, Mo Ne talks about her Supervisor and Mimicing the Sound and also the Face.. I Push the Replay Button a lot to see the Sparkling Eyes from Jae Wan when Listening to Mo Ne’s Story.. If I’m the One in Mo Ne’s Position,, I think I’ve Faint already.. The Other Moment is when Jae Wan and Mo Ne met after Mo Ne’s Confession in the Place where the Almost Kissing Scene taken.. Start from the Conversation Up until Kissing and Hugging Part,, really ♥♥♥♥ every Moment there.. The Chemistry is Just Perfect.. Last but not least is the Moment when Jae Wan Admitted All of his Acts in Front of the Hotel Staffs and Wait for Mo Ne in the Garden.. As soon as Everythings Solved.. He hug her very Tight.. Can see Clearly that Jae Wan feel so Relieved that He still Can have Mo Ne by his side despite All of His wrongdoings.. It Feels like He can throw out everything as long as he can be Together with Her.. Very Touching..


    • You really choose some special moments which I love too specially that one in the garden after everything came out at last. Oh, JW sigh of relieve. the scene was indeed very touching and I was really proud of Da-hae performance in it ❤

      Thanks for participating 🙂


      • OcHi

        Really Glad to be Participating and Found this Blog.. I’m reading it since then and very Excited everytime you UpDate the News about Da Hae Unnie.. It’s makes me Feel that I’m not Alone in this FanGirling Madness for the ChaMo Couple and Soon to Be DongHae Couple.. Really LOVE this Couple.. Lets Pray they will Follow Ji Sung ang Lee Bo Young Path Soon..


  6. Aomike

    Hotel King made me totally nuts! I was absorbed completely in the story and crazy in love with DongHae couple!Their appearances, faces and actions come up with this Magical Chemistry feeling. Both made the story unforgettable with their epic romance. I love all the scenes and the entire drama, but then all the ad lib scenes stood out for me esp the scene in which they were watching Nemo. The swing scene was also perfected with ad libs.


  7. lenywong

    I really like Lee Da Hae in all dramas she played especially Hotel King. She is very beautiful in that drama. At first I thought that Hotel King is not a good drama so Eventhough I had downloaded I do not watch it immediately….but when I begin to watch it….I could not resist to not watch it again and again. The story is good and all the actors and actresses were playing so well in that drama. I have seen this drama 5 times. I just wish to see their drama again and again. But so sad that LDH has not played in any drama yet.I miss her a lot…..Anyway…Bravo to all the people who behind this amazing drama. Fighting


    • Oh yes, the waiting time for our girl till she get a new project is always a torture 😦

      Please let us know what is your favorite scene(s) of Dong-Hae couple in the drama to fully participate ^^



        to apqaria…

        Sorry to take very long time to reply your messages…
        Got a lot of work to do…..okay I will tell you all my thought about HK…
        My most favorite scene in HK was…. when she asked chae wan to marry her but it turned out was his mother….. ha ha ha… I have seen those scene 20 times or more…..very cute when ah mone said it was supposed to be her proposal to jae wan…..not the mother …and then he asked to marry him…ahh so romantic… I love this scene very much… and also when jae wan kissed ah mone in the last episode… It feels that they are really in love with each other….. crosss my finger and prayed….Last but not least…… I love everything about Lee Da Hae, I do not care about people who did not like her because of her surgery….Who are they to judge???? I personally love her not just because of her beautiful face and amazing body…but the best is her personality which is amased me so much… She is very humble and always smile to all her fans { I watched LDH in China with her chinese fans} and answered all their questions.. also… she took a pictures with them…..wow what an amazing actress. I wish I can meet her in person someday…..

        So that’s all about LDH and HK…. Do I get my reward? Thank you so much and God bless you.


        • Hi Chingu, of course will send you your copy really soon. (P.S, I removed your e-mail from the comment to protect your privacy 🙂 )

          And about our girl, I don’t care about what other people think either. All the PS talk is so overdue I must say, whatever my thoughts about that decision of hers but in the end it is her face and body so who am I to judge her. Everyone has his/her opinion and I don’t care if others share my opinions and love for her or not but I wish people stop being so judgmental when they actually don’t know much about her but of course I hope more people get to know her better as an actress and person.


          • KOREANADDICT

            hi…apqaria….thank you for removing my email… he he he…. ya I was not think properly……I just checked it but it was not there??? I must be very impatient person, huh…..he he he… hope you will send it today……because I miss my Ah mone so much….
            Thank you once again…such a good feeling to have a person like you who understand all of our curiosity about our girl…no need to browse any other blog to find out what is happening to our girl…he he he…keep the good work,…. and keep in touch…ciao


  8. Grace

    Hi Apqaria! I am one of those who discovered LDH and LDW through My Girl in 2006. I’ve never really considered myself a super k-drama fan as I’ve watched only few (about 6 only, lol). I’m quite picky and even with a good plot & production, I don’t usually get into the drama itself if I don’t feel sizzling chemistry between the leads. I admit I didn’t find anything special with MG’s plot at first but I’ve eventually drawn myself into it mainly because of DongHae. This HK obsession I have this year actually made me go back to an abandoned blog I had – it’s funny and kind of embarrassing reading my old posts spazzing over Wookie and DongHae. 😀 But I’ve never read forums before and didn’t really ship them as hard as I do now. I stopped watching k-dramas in 2006 after a major withdrawal lol, and rekindled with it this year for obvious reason. Yes, I was surprised and happy when I heard about their reunion but wasn’t crazily excited at first. My love for this couple and HK grew gradually. During first few eps I was like “Oh, it’s really cool they’re working again.” Midway through the drama I was like “Omg omg they still have that chemistry and they’re so pretty. Ugh!” During the last eps of HK, I found myself obsessing over this OTP. I think about them at random hours during the day and even at work (I need a cure. Heeelllpp !! Lol).
    Hotel King – I read your review here and agree with you for the most part. HK had a lot of flaws and tbh I would’ve not watched it if not of DongHae. I actually find makjang cringeworthy sometimes. Lol. But HK is that drama that I can criticize but I still get so attached. Just focusing on the positives, I really love how JW and MN’s love flourished – they’re troubled characters who needed each other. And they indeed complete each other. Also, I love love love Ah Mo Ne. ❤️ I read a lot of negative stuff from viewers about the character esp during early part of the drama. I generally love underdogs and she’s that character that i’ve rooted for from the start. And she beautifully redeemed herself in the end. Bravo, writers.
    Fav HK scenes – Super tough! I’d say 1) Ep 10 eyes, nose, lips scene lol (come on, a guy crying in front of a girl is just eeeek! My feels exploded during that scene), 2) Ep 26 that long talk in balcony before the wall/bed scene (MN’s lines were so heart wrenching). 3) all other scenes showing wookie’s abs. Lol, kidding! Way too many to mention. 🙂
    Ooops I talked a lot. I love your blog Apqaria! More power! ❤️ I hope nothing but the best for our DongHae. I will continue supporting these two as couple/deep friends and of course, individually.

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    • Oh, that is Dong-Hae effect indeed. Happy you are back to dramaland and I would actually love to check your blog (waiting here for the link 🙂 ) and hope you will be active there again ^^

      As I have said before, drama don’t need to be great or flawless for me to fall in love with it. And it is the case here, despite all my issues with the drama specially the writing but Dong-Hae totally saved it for me and made it a very memorable drama that I am addicted to re-watch.

      Thanks a lot for participating and the support ❤

      I want to send you the calender, but I am not sure why your e-mail is not submitted with your comment although it should be mandatory to post the comment. Could you please make sure you fill it again?


      • Grace

        Email not submitted? That’s strange.. Anyway, I updated my email ad and hope this works now. Let me know! 🙂 And oh, about the blog. I’m kinda shy. LOL. But here it is, my MG post: http://trueblue626.blogspot.com/2006/07/korean-cheese-sucks.html (I am so sorry Wookie for kind of dissing you in this post. hahahaha. I will write about Hotel King *hopefully* and applaud your acting. Mianhae..lol)


        • Yes, don’t know the reason. But now I get your e-mail, will send you very soon 🙂

          About Wookie, you weren’t alone 😉 I actually was pleasantly surprised by his performance in HK compared to what I have seen from him before specially MG hopefully he will continue improving and doing good in terms of acting for his next projects as well.

          I will surely go check your blog ^^


  9. Melody

    Hi apqaria! Thank you so much for sharing such a beautiful calendar about our lovely Chamo / Donghae couple with us international fans. Really appreciate it a lot! 😀
    Regarding Hotel King, it is definitely the best drama of the year! This is because it reunites the most beautiful and amazing couple in the world, none other than lee dong wook and lee da hae ( Donghae couple ). Despite the makjang elements, the drama is worth watching because it gives you a mixed of emotions: happy,sad,angry, frustrated and etc…Adding to that, Chamo couple’s scenes are so pleasant to the eyes<3
    Lee dong wook and lee da hae's chemistry is no joke! I've never seen such a pairing that is so well-matched and have such a high level of chemistry that is explosive! Their eyes, gestures and body languages speak LOVE whenever they are together. Not to mention their adlibs, mind-blowing! They are no doubt the best couple ever and hoping that they can become a real couple soon!
    My top 3 favorite Chamo moments in the drama:
    1. The Swing kiss- absolutely LOVE their adlib, they are so freaking adorable together!
    2. The scene when AMN showed a picture of JW's mom to CJW – Love the way LDW stares at LDH in a loving way when she funnily mimics the supervisor's expressions! And the kiss on the cheek afterwards – SO SWEET~
    3. The scene at the balcony – Love their playful interactions and LDW hugs LDH so tightly! Their giddy smiles are so precious and beautiful!
    Missing Donghae couple so much and I think I'm gonna re-watch Hotel King and My Girl again! Thank you so much and so sorry for the long post! Have a nice day~ Donghae couple is REAL! ❤

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    • Not at all, I am happy to be able to help in this ^^
      And ooh the balcony hug, I had to rewatch it again the moment you mentioned it here. It is surely one of the most amazing and real hugs in dramaland ❤
      Thanks for participating 🙂


  10. Tina Saw

    I think Hotel King is just splendid! I’m totally bias because I’m a DongHae fan since MyGirl. Even if it sucked (which it did not) I would still watch it for a 1000 times becauseeee other than the amazing plot, their chemistry is just impeccable and amazing and beautiful and just worth the 8 year wait!! THEY ARE SO CUTE TOGETHER OMG. My favourite part would most definitely be the milk kiss, the wedding kiss ALL DA KISSESS AND CUDDLY SCENES THEY DID TOGETHER. Now gimme the calander 😀


  11. Enrico

    I do not normally watch dramas but if Da Hae is the lead I wouldn’t mind watching. I just have a huge crush on her. It started when I first saw her as Yoo Rin. She’s so cute back then and now she’s turned to an even elegant woman. What is there not to love about her.

    I watched HK and I did not really like the story but who cares. I love the chemistry of the lead actors. One of my favorite scenes was when the two of them were watching finding nemo and they were making up the dialogues. They make a cute couple in real life.


    • Thanks chingu for participating and I am happy to know another fan who share my crush about Da-hae ^^

      Dong-Hae surely can make us watch anything just to see their chemistry ❤


  12. Jen Ironside

    I loved this couple on Hotel King and have watched the end of Episode 10 about 20 times. I’m now crazy about Lee Dong Wook and have watched him in most of his dramas. I’ve also gotten my family hooked on Roommate. Of course the beauty and talent of Lee Da-hae goes without saying.


    • I have seen some parts of Roommate, it is refreshing to see those sides of Wookie there actually ^^

      Hope you could share with us more of your thoughts about the drama and your favorite moments 🙂


  13. Mel Climacosa

    When i heard that lee dong wook and lee da hae will be pair again in hk drama, i really excited bcoz i did not expect them to be paired again after “mg” bvoz that is the tag line of kdrama. Upon watching it i notice that every scene they do you will feel the feeling of the two its like the real lee dong wook and lee da hae and not cha jae wan & ah mo ne. As far as i know this is the best drama for me. I love all the scene in this drama from start to end, but the most i like is the ambush kiss in ep 26 i feel the intense feeling of lee dong wook that he is really in love w/lee da hae.


  14. donghaelovers

    Hello there! Ive been looking through this calendarr hehe pleasee jaebal i want it 🙂 plus i doooo love hotel king! From the very beginning till the end. The main cast always make my heart flutters in every single scene. Oh my fav scene would be the milk scene meoww! Hiks btw thank you hotel king for serve us one of the best drama in my entire life. Looking forward to Lee Dong Wook, Lee Da Hae and all the cast. Hugs xx


  15. Berliana

    I love every single aspect of Hotel King. The story, the casts, the ost , the set and top of that the otp. I can’t stop rewatching it again and again and again….
    And everytime i watched it even for 27 times and counting.., my heart still goes thump thump everytime Cha Jae Wan looked at Ah Mo Ne..never get bored.
    And after rewatching it for a couple times i realized that his eyes always smile everytime he looked at Ah mo ne even in earlier episodes when Cha jae wan was supposed to be annoyed by Ahmone behaviour. Whoaaa…that never fail to make my heart bum..bum…bum…kkkkkkkkk.
    Now my favourite scene is definitely every kissing and skinship scenes…because they are so natural…so beautiful..so real….
    Wow..i must’ve been addicted to this drama…but i like it…Lol


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  16. lucymaturan

    Hi apqaria. Thank you so much for the updates about the Donghae couple. I have been a fan of them since My Girl. This was re-shown in my country this year, dubbed in Pilipino and edited. I started to look for cd of MG but could not find one in the stores. Youtube has only 3 episodes. Can you recommend a site where I could download MG?

    About HK, I have become addicted to this drama. It may have its flaws but i don’t care…i just love it. Every scene takes the viewers to its new heights. The entire casts are all very good. The sceneries, I love them! I would love to visit the location shootings next year. Donghae have performed their roles excellently. I get thrilled in every episode; I laugh and cried with them. I am viewing HK again for the second time. Every night I spend at least 2 hours but could not move to the next episode because I keep replaying the scenes I love. Did you do this too? I just want to know that i am not alone.

    The scenes I love? All their scenes! But I will mention a few…The balcony scene at the staff residence where they hug; the fountain scene, they acted so naturally as if there is no camera rolling; the swing scene, the “milk kiss”; their kiss by the sofa in CJW’s apartment after AMN told CJW to stop hurting each other; the birthday scene of AMN where she cried after seeing her gifts from CJW; the loving look on CJW’s eyes. Of course, the scene where CJW could not control his feelings for AMN anymore while treating her wounded hand and told her that he loves everything about her, that he will die if he could not love her. Wow, this scene is very touching.
    Oh my goodness, I keep going back to these scenes and watching the details: how their eyes connect, their touch, their hugs.

    I miss the Donghae couple. Hope to see Da Hae in her new project. Been reading “speculations” about their relationship in the official fan page. I am excited! My gut feeling tells me that we will hear the news that we all are waiting for….in the near future. More power to you! Pleaseeeee send me a copy of their calendar.

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    • Hi chingu, thanks a lot for sharing your thoughts with us and I will send you soon the calender and MG Download link 😉

      Be sure you are not alone who rewatch HK, actually I replayed my favorite moments many times that I can’t even the count ^^

      And I totally agree about the locations in the drama, SO BEAUTIFUL and it really added to the scenes and the feelings ❤


      • lucymaturan

        Hi apqaria, thank you for your quick reply. By the way, what were the ad lib scenes (i only know the milk kiss)? What are your thoughts about the “detective” who made his/her speculations about the relationship of Donghae couple? Please share them with us.


        • Hi chingu, about the Ad-lib scenes you actually gave me an idea of new post. Thanks ^^ So, I will write those in a post soon 🙂

          About my thoughts regarding Dong-Hae being couple in RL, I always say we can’t ever be 100% sure about that unless we get an evidence or official announcement but I personally do believe there is something going on and it is more than “Deep Friendship” but don’t ever take my thoughts for granted 😀


      • lucymaturan

        Hi chingu, thank you very much for the MG downlink and the calendar. I am enjoying MG as much as I have enjoyed watching HK. DH is really funny. I could not contain my laughter. I miss the Donghae couple terribly!
        Any good news so far? God bless


  17. Ann K

    Hi apqaria i received the Hotel King calendar.. Thank you so much. Im really happy to have it.. Thank you once again.. You’ll be blessed..😄😅😄


  18. Ivonne

    Hola a todos!!! conocí a Lee Da Hae y Lee Dong Wook hace más de 5 años, a través de My Girl. Este fue el drama que vi, me enganche, me pareció de lo mejor, su química es única e inigualable. He leído todo lo que encontré en la web sobre ellos, los he seguido y no dejé de hacer comparaciones cuando trabajan con otros actores. Muero por ir a Seúl y visitar los lugares de grabación, aprender el idioma en fin. Cuando supe de su nuevo drama juntos contaba los días para verlos y simplemente fue gratificante. Vi Hotel King de principio a fin, no me decepcionaron, escenas hermosas: creo todas en las que aparecen juntos. La mas natural es cuando están viendo Buscando a Nemo y el le dice que ella es fea, como interactúan es tan real. La del columpio ni que decir, su primera noche juntos fue tierna…. como ven hay muchas más.
    Apqaria muchas gracias por tu blog, lo veo todas las semanas muchas veces diariamente. Te escribo desde Perú, muchas gracias!!


    • Hi Chingu, I used translator to understand your post and hope you don’t find it difficult to understand me too ^^

      Really happy to meet a fan from Peru, Thank you so much for participating and for checking here always ❤


      • Ivonne

        Hello everyone !!! The appropriate apologies, I forgot the excitement and wrote in Spanish. I hope you can understand.
        I met Lee Da Hae and Lee Dong Wook more than 5 years, through My Girl. This was the first drama I saw it I was hooked, I found the best, their chemistry is unique and unparalleled. I read everything I could find on the web about them, I have followed and I did not stop making comparisons when working with other actors. Dying to go to Seoul and visit places of recording, in order to learn the language. When I learned of his new drama together counting the days to see them and just was gratifying. Vi Hotel King from beginning to end, the plot was very good and interesting, did not disappoint me, beautiful scenes: I think all in which they appear together. The most natural is when watching Finding Nemo and tells her she is ugly, how they interact is so real. The swing needless to say, their first night together was tender …. as you can see there are many more.
        Apqaria thank you very much for your blog, I see every week many times daily. I write from Peru, thank you very much !!

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  19. Laura

    Dear Apqaria,

    I am a Dong-hae fan/shipper since “My Girl” days. Needless to say, I was thrilled when heard the news that my favorite OTP would be reunited for a new drama named “Hotel King”…

    Once again, my favorite OTP did not disappoint me in HK … their chemistry now reached the level of perfection, just like what LDW said in one of his interview. I loved all the scenes in HK that had the two leads together (both on screen and BTS), so it would be hard to choose which scene I liked best. However, if I need to choose, then I would pick the scene where Ah Mo Ne spit into Lee Joong Goo’s face and she then stepped in front of Cha Jae Wan to protect CJW from being hit by LJG. This scene showed the audiences her courageousness and her great love for CJW because even when she was very mad at him in that moment, she still used her body to shield him from getting hit. Another touching scene was when AMN released LJG from jail due to her wanting to protect CJW.

    Thank you very much for running the blog about Lee Da Hae (I think now LDH is even more beautiful and glamorous than before…). I am a fan of your blog … I read all the threats in your blog and very impressed by the fact that you replied to all your readers who wrote to you. Your replies were always nice and gentle, so you must be a very kind heart person.

    Last but not least, thanks in advance to you and to @Much for the beautiful calendar.

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    • Oh, thanks a lot Chingu for your kind words. I am so happy just to be able to help spreading some news about our girl communicate with fans through this blog and I am grateful some fans are interested to read my posts and took time to comment ^^

      And wow, you really chose a scene I totally LOVE. One of my favorite for Da-hae in the whole drama and for MN character, the power of this scene that it actually happened when MN knew that JW lied to her but she still defended him. And I always loved that the writer at least made MN one of the few characters who weren’t taken back by LJG and the one who always confronted him in every situation they had together.

      Thanks for participation and for reading my posts here 🙂


  20. Ann K

    Yeah i really enjoyed it.. And im always looking on it.. I already have the “DongHae Syndrome”..

    Btw, i read here that you have the MG download link, is it too much if I ask the link too?? Please…?? Thank you..


  21. farra hamzah

    Hi apqaria..
    I’m from Malaysia. I LOVE everthing about Lee Da Hae..her beauty, acting, her ‘love’ chamo couple.. I feel that Im the happiest person in the world when know about Hotel King and chamo atories since My Girl.. She is a such wonderful actress. Thank God i find this blog crush on lee da hae. TQVM make my heart so happy when u, apqaria always update latest news about her… For u information, I download all the video from the youtube the hot scene between donghae couple.. so natural, so beautiful and i’m really addicted with this couple..and their acting. They are so REAL..I miss them so much..tq apqaria sorry for my poor english..


    • Hi chingu, don’t be sorry I can understand you and thanks for your kind words and for coming here ^^
      But what was your favorite scene(s) for Dong-Hae in HK?


      • farra hamzah

        Tq apqaria.. If i need to choose my fav scene..the first, I would pick the scene where is AMN told CJW’s mother to tell him to marry her..and there were quarelled, push to another to sit beside CJW and the CJW put his hand on AMN’s head..the scene was so natural..the other scene were at the fountain and the swingg, milk kiss.. I dont see they were acting..the couple are so REAL.. I really miss Lee da hae & Kee dong wook..apqaria.. can i get the calendar?

        Liked by 1 person

  22. caroline

    They are the first and only Probably couple I ship. Can’t get enough of them at all. All 32 episodes of HK are constantly on rerun mode. Kekekekeke…..


    • You are not alone doing that 😉

      But let us know more about your feelings about the drama, our couple and your favorite scene(s) of them so you can have your copy from the calender ^^


  23. lisaray84

    I’m really glad that they have comeback in Hotel King..the most remembered scene for me is when Ah Mo Ne accidentally saw the scars at the Cha Jae Wan’s back,when she feeling so sorry toward him..so touching…


  24. lisaray84

    I’m very happy when Dong-Hae couple make their comeback through Hotel King…hotel king the best.


  25. My thoughts about Hotel King and Donghae, I got into Kdramaland since last year, and before HK I didn’t knew about Lee Da Hae or Lee Dong Wook, this was my first time seeing both of them, I watched HK just by casuality one afternoon I was really bored and found HK the drama was already on their six episode and I started watching it, since the first episode I was into the plot I liked everything about it, Jae Wan’s dark side and Mo Ne’s actitud by episode 4 I was so into Chamo too their chemestry’s amazing but untill late May or early June I accepted I became a Donghae shipper, for the first time in my life I was a shipper in RL, I joined their soompi thread, watched My girl and read about their story… I’ve a few chamo favorite scenes in HK, the first time JW hugged MN in Mone’s garden, Eyes, nose, lips scene, first kiss, MN’s birthday, little ciel, when MN called JW and she was waiting for him to come and rescue her, When mone broke Bella, reconcilation kiss, swing/milk scene, fountain, nemo scene, obviously bed/bathroom scene, proposal & last but not least chamo wedding, I think I’ve said almost every chamo scene hahaha… Hotel King is one of my favorite dramas, even tho the plot have some flaws and I hated how wrter-nim had dealt with some issues I really loved this drama…

    Thank you aqaria and much for this event =)

    Liked by 1 person

  26. HK is really awesome.they acted so well … ..its my 5x now watching it since august 2014… i really cant get over…..this drama deserve an award ….i hope that there is true romance in dong wook and da hae…….♡♡♡♡♡♡i hope it will be aired here in the philippines…….
    I hope donghae couple will bring home the award as best couple in the mbc awards night……


    • Thanks for commenting and could you tell us your favorite scene(s) of Dong-Hae in the drama so you can fully participate? ^^

      I heard rumors before that some channel in the Philippines bought the drama to air there, isn’t there confirmed news about that still??


      • The wedding, the milk scene adlib and when the beach scene during the piggy backride of mone to jae wan……
        Their were mo news of airing HK here…..but im still hoping……
        Thank u so much because im updated olwys……by ur blogs

        Liked by 1 person

  27. I really like Hk….they acted so well esp. Donghae …..i pray that they will bring home the award as best couple in mbc awards nyt……..i hope dahae and dong wook are real lovers……


  28. Fitria Mardiani

    I think donghae is the best couple . Watched hotel king until this day i havent moved on from the series.
    thanks to you for making that the beautiful calender, and i realy want it.


  29. I can’t wait to get mine this January. If I’m not mistaken, printing is done already unnie?


    • What do you mean dear? printing is done already and sales already in progress for over a month for the Chinese version of the calender and the link to buy that one is in the post but it is Chinese online mall site.

      For the English version, there is no printing. We have organized this event to send soft copy for whoever participate and then each one will be able to print it on his/her own. So, read this ost carefully and you can participate if you want to get your copy before the deadline. After the deadline mentioned, won’t be sending any soft copies.


  30. Bella

    Since grade school, I’m already fan of DongHae Couple. Unfortunately, Im not good in computer then that’s why I dont know how to get in touch with my favorite korean artist.. But as I grown up and having more time to browse the net, I really enjoyed it coz I found news about our DongHae Couple and Im very thankful coz I found We Love DongHae Phil. Fan Club !!! ^_^.
    .. And upon browsing the net, I found out that Our DongHae would have Movie again and that was Hotel King.. So I was and I am very happy on the things I have read about these two before they do the movie.. And until now, even Im not already that active on posting on our Group, still , Im hoping that those DREAMS about our DongHae to be in the future will come true. Im really eager to see the hottest topic on evry site that our “DongHae real life couple”!! (sigh)
    – still, Hoping for that day…

    .. In Hotel King, my favorite Scence was, “the ADLIB part”^_^ when I watched the issue about this part, that they really just did it even its not on the script, I felt happiness . Ha Ha Ha.. I love them much!

    Thanks to all of you who made this things possible.. I really love it..
    .. I have question, on the soft copy Calendar, does the Signature of our DongHae also attach on it?!^_^.
    thanks for the Feedback!;-)


    • Thanks for participating and sharing your feelings here ^^
      And yes, the calender have the signatures on 🙂 I have tried to send you your copy but I got failure delivery mail, are you sure you wrote your e-mail correctly?


  31. hyatts

    im so happy about hotel king nice chemistry of dae hae and dong wook hope soon i could meet you both, and i wish dong wook and dae hae ment to be


  32. hyatts

    hotel king was the best hope soon another korean drama of lee dae hae and lee dong wook tnx…


  33. Lucie

    Hi apqaria,

    There are many scenes that I like about HK. They are where MN accidentally saw the scars at the Cha Jae Wan’s back; MN feared of a dead bird in her hotel room; MN confessed to CJW; Chamo wedding near a blue sea; Manager Baek was back to Hotel Ciel to train new staff, but unable to discipline her grandchildren, Chamo husband and wife turned their back to say ”I love you”, and so on…

    I would choose three of them: MN fears of bird, MN confession, and Chamo wedding. Personally, I would say that LDH really did a great job to express her fear and anger on the dead bird scene along with LDW. On MN confession, the depiction of sadness and unrequited love is a must to see. Also, the natural features of the landscape chosen for MN confession and Chamo wedding are so beautiful! All of the casts did great!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks chingu for participating and I am happy you could do it before the deadline 🙂 I have send your copy, hope you enjoy it ^^
      And must agree about the scenery in those scenes and I actually like all the locations they used in the drama ❤


  34. Tina Saw

    Hi Apqaria! I participated for the calender but I haven’t received my copy. I have checked my mail and spam many times D: help me please??


    • Hi Chingu, I have sent your copy back in 30 November and I sent again today when I saw your comment. Please make sure you are checking the e-mail address you have submitted here and you can search by the subject “Hotel King” Calender 2015.


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