Lee Da-hae Receives a Gift from her Korean Fan Club “Emerald”

I am so happy to see this Twitter update from Lee Da-hae. Not only because I love seeing any message from her but more because it is related to her Korean fan club which is called “Emerald” (I don’t know the reason for the name if any but on a fun note, Emerald was the birthstone for Mo Ne in Hotel King 😀 )

Here is the translation of the message:

Hello, this is Lee Da Hae. The weather turned cold, everyone be careful of cold! By the way, Thank you Emerald fans ^^ I have received your gift. Have a nice day!

I am happy to know that her fan club sent her a gift and she apparently wanted to thank them for it with this message. But I wish she could have posted a picture of the her or the gift with the message though 🙂

What makes me specially happy knowing about her fans gift is that actually her Korean fan club have not been very active for many years now which was always a source of sadness for me but fortunately I have noticed they started being more active after her joining FNC Entertainment and after “Hotel King” and they have actually send rice wreath to the drama wrap up party.

So although the fan club is still not that active compared to when she was at the peak of her career during the period from 2004 to 2007 but I am still happy to see them arranging activities again and communicating with her directly which is a good sign and make me hopeful to see more activities from them later in our girl’s next projects and may be she could later do some fan meetings like what she used to do before.

Also I noticed that our girl’s Twitter account now is officially verified which is also another good thing to see ❤


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