Lee Da-hae in Jeju Island

What a wonderful day?! this double dose of updates from Lee Da-hae on her Twitter and Weibo surely made my day ^^

So, apparently our girl visited or is visiting Jeju Island although I am not sure if it is a work or vacation trip. Seeing her manager traveling with her could mean it wasn’t a total vacation but not necessarily cause she sometimes take her staff in some of her vacation trips.

But even if this was originally a work trip, there is no way she would be in Jeju and don’t take the opportunity to enjoy some fun time there and from her Twitter update, it seems she used the time to relive some of her “My Girl” days !! Who would forget that tangerines field scene in the drama and how funny it was watching Joo Yoo Rin stealing Seol Gong Chan‘s tangerines, lol 😀

Really seeing those pictures bring back so much feels and memories and make me want to re-watch “My Girl” all over again.

Here is the translation of her Twitter Message:

( Translation by nocturne9@Soompi: First time picking tangerines after My Girl ~!! Hehe Don’t know why but I felt so satisfied picking them personally for people around me. Ha)


Oh, I always LOVE how our girl look so fresh and young with no make up and it surely great to see her so happy in all those pictures from her Weibo ❤

Here is her Weibo message:


(Translation: Came to Jeju Island, the sea is so good!)

Now check a couple of more pictures of our girl on the beautiful Jeju 🙂


Credit: LDH Twitter and Weibo



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5 responses to “Lee Da-hae in Jeju Island

  1. Jha

    Luv DaHae more without make-up!


  2. SHE IS SO DIVINE BOTH WITH SUNGLASSES BUT ALSO WITHOUT MAKEUP! Sorry for the caps, i just wanted to give emphasis on my enthusiasm! ~these eyes~ *.*

    Liked by 1 person

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