Lee Da-hae Shoots New Ad for L’Oreal as their model in Korea and China

L'Oreal 9

We have already know about Lee Da-hae becoming the model for L’Oreal for sometime now but just lately the news made it to the Korean media and it was officially announced that our girl is the brands model in Korea and China.

We got a hint about Da-hae being chosen as the model for global beauty hair brand in Korea and China but the name of the brand wasn’t mentioned at that time but we got to see her shooting Ads for the brand as the “IT Girl” for their F/W 2014 hair trends which was used and publicized mainly in China so, I was personally confused if she will still be their model in Korea as well.

But fortunately we are having official news about this in Korea and she shoot a new Ad for the brand celebrating the Christmas and presenting a Romantic Christmas look. She looks absolutely stunning in here, I just can’t!!! and I am so in love with that wedding dress she wore for the photo-shoot and it looks perfect on her ❤

Read the translation of the news reports below and enjoy more BTS pictures of the photo-shoot ^^

L'Oreal 6

Actress Lee Da-hae has been chosen as new face for World’s No.1 cosmetic brand ‘L’Oréal Korea’ and ‘L’Oréal China.’

‘L’Oréal China’ has tremendous growth as it achieved No.1 market share in China’s cosmetic market. They chose Lee Da-hae who has huge fandom in China to carry broad scale promotion for the brand.

Officials said, “Lee Da-hae garnered huge popularity in China with her stunning fashion style from drama <Hotel King>. Her trendy and stylish image completely fits our brand image.”

Besides, officials from head office of L’Oréal Paris’ also visited shooting location of ‘L’Oréal China’ commercial in order to encourage Lee Da-hae. Sources also said Lee Da-hae spoke in fluent English and Chinese with staff members during shooting. She also entertained staff members with her kind and friendly personality.

In fact, Lee Da-hae already showed great talent as an actress and gained huge popularity at the beginning of the Hallyu wave. She also won the most popular actress award after she appeared in Chinese drama titled “Love Actually” and her latest drama <Hotel King> also drew 2 hundred million hits on China’s top video sites “IQIYI” thanks to her popularity.

Credit: Getitk

L'Oreal 7L'Oreal 8

Credit: As Tagged, FNC and L’Oreal



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3 responses to “Lee Da-hae Shoots New Ad for L’Oreal as their model in Korea and China

  1. joan fan

    A great leap to intl modelling world..well done LDH..

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  2. claribel b.boga

    hi annyong


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