Lee Da-hae’s Adorable Video in Japan

Lee Da-hae has made may be the most adorable and cute SNS update yet!! I am so amused and really can’t stop giggling watching this video she posted on her Weibo, kkk 😀

From the video we finally knew the destination of her travel and it is not other than Japan. So she is spending the holidays there this year accompanied by her best and close friend “Apple”.

From my observation,  I think Da-hae usually travel there once a year at least as a vacation and it is not the first time she go there together with her friend, so I guess they really love the place there and it is totally obvious from their video ❤

Da-hae posted a video on her Twitter long time ago (I guess that was back in 2010) but this is the first time she post one on her Weibo and I really hope she do that more often in the future ^^

Here is her message posted with the video:

路行的目标 😀

(Translation by Much: The destination of Travelling 😀 )

Check below for some funny Gifs from the video ^^

Credit: LDH Weibo, LDH Fans Weibo and iamonlyhuman1981 YT Channel


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One response to “Lee Da-hae’s Adorable Video in Japan

  1. cutest evr evr!!!lov u dae hae..


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