Lee Da-hae for PINON Winter 2014

I can’t believe how lucky we are, getting a lot of new updates and pictures of Lee Da-hae this week. But I guess we really deserve it given that we are actually in a drought for a long time now and who knows when we will get to see our girl active again in the future.

So this time we get her featured in the 2014 Winter Collection for PINON Golf Sportswear brand. Not long ago we have seen them releasing the Fall Collection and again this time, I am liking the colors a lot and our girl look’s so good in these shots 🙂

Honestly I am usually not into Sportswear collections in general and find them repetitive but to my surprise, I’m really enjoying PINON photo-shoots and their outfits give me much happy feeling. And actually looking at those pictures is encouraging the lazy me to do some workout. I guess that is Da-hae’s effect on me, right? hehe 😀

Credit: Pinon Website via LDH Baidu


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One response to “Lee Da-hae for PINON Winter 2014

  1. So elegant! Pleasing and relaxing to the eye 😀

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