Lee Da-hae is Lonely??

I am really happy that Lee Da-hae is more active in Twitter this year compared to how she was before. She updated us today with a picture of her in LA but why only your back dear? I want to see your face too 😦 but still got to say the view is AMAZING and even from her back she looks great ❤

I guess she may be traveled to LA after her latest trip to Japan but not sure if she is still there right now and may be even planning to spend the last month of year and the holidays season there or that it is a short trip and she is back to Korea already although it would be weird if so or may be this is actually an old picture??

Haha, our girl always leave us wondering when it comes to her whereabouts which I don’t mind and I actually don’t want to give too much thought and anyway, I guess we may know soon 😀

Here is the Translation of her message

Why did I look so lonely while talking on the phone and looking out at the LA night scene?  haha..

I am not worried about her being lonely because from the tone of the tweet, she seems to be joking and laughing at herself because she looks like a lonely person in that picture ^^

Credit: LDH | Translation: nocturne9@soompi



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3 responses to “Lee Da-hae is Lonely??

  1. Erica Christy

    Lonely bcs DW in HongKong :p
    Really miss her 😦


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