Lee Da-hae Sudden Attack

I am really amused today thanks to this finding and so I had to make this post 😀

So, lets see what is this all about. Actually back in 2013 Lee Da-hae and other IRIS II cast members Jang Hyuk, Lee Joon and Yoon Doo Joon did make dubbing for a famous computer game called “Sudden Attack” while the game used their characters from the drama.

At that time, Da-hae posted the picture above on her Weibo being proud and happy with how her character came out in the game and I must agree that her game version is stunning ❤

And here is her message back then:


Google Translation: This game is very famous in South Korea, and it used my character in iris2, isn’t it cool?, Plump figure, if only I am like this in reality [偷笑][汗] )

I really wished back then to be able to check the game to see our girl’s character live and hear her voice while playing but I wasn’t able to do that. But fortunately today I found a video showing her character in the game and all her voice recording there which is really so funny to see and hear 😀

So, check that video below along with the BTS of the cast dubbing session which was released before and more pictures from the game ^^

Credit: YT Uploaders and LDH Weibo


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5 responses to “Lee Da-hae Sudden Attack

  1. Heehee~ that’s cute!


  2. LOL! rabbit-whatever.that.was hand grenade! It would be a nice way to leave this world from Da Hae’s hands xD The video of them recording the voices was so funny xD

    Liked by 1 person

    • LOL, Yes I really don’t know from where they got that idea!! 😀
      They did enjoy that recording session so much and we did enjoy watching them do it. So cute and funny ^^

      Liked by 1 person

      • Wherever they got that idea from, it was delightful 😀
        Yeah, i laughed so hard when they were laughing as well behind the mics xD And Da Hae was so cute when they blushed with effects her cheeks at some point, she was like the cutest pre-explosion bomb ever!

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