Lee Da-hae for Arnaldo Bassini Winter 2014

This is actually quite weird!!

Arnaldo Bassini released pictures of their Winter collection 2014 featuring Lee Da-hae but actually those were supposed to be from their Fall Collection as the pictures from the photo-shoot back then and they even released a glimpse of them in the BTS video and pictures at that time.

I personally think that Da-hae’s contract already ended and I thought that since she signed a contract with PINON but I guess AB didn’t cast a new model for them yet and may be that explains why they didn’t release those pictures in the fall and decided to reserve them till Winter.

In all cases, it is always good to see new pictures of our girl πŸ™‚

Credit: AB Website and LDH Fans Weibo



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8 responses to “Lee Da-hae for Arnaldo Bassini Winter 2014

  1. See? You got your Da Hae present! πŸ˜€ She was just testing you! πŸ˜› Always beautiful with adorable legs! ^-^

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