Lee Da-hae Piggybacked

Korean Dramas have some trademarks that live through the years and I must admit that despite those being no longer a surprise to see or may be somehow becoming cliches but some of them still give me excitement and make my heart flutter ❤

One of those is the “Piggyback” scenes, I guess it is rarely when a Kdrama don’t have one including the OTP and of course Lee Da-hae had her share getting piggybacked in her dramas so, I thought of collecting them here in this post for fun ^^ (hope I didn’t forget any 🙂 )

So, when did our girl get piggybacked?

Our girl did get piggybacked when she fainted 😦

And when she claimed fainting out of embarrassment after an accidental kiss 😉

And when she went on a happy normal date with her lover ^^

And when she and her lover were dreaming of changing the world where is no slavery and everybody is equal ❤

And while she was acting like a boss and using her boyfriend as a ladder to paint the house 😀

And while playing on beach causing her oppa’s legs to shake 😀

And when she got sick because she couldn’t digest all the food she kept eating, lol 😀

And when her leg was broken and started to fall in love with the sun rise ❤

And when she got it as a compensation after acting jealous of her lover’s mother, not caring about wearing a short dress 😉

And when she was playing in the snow with her lover and looking gorgeous 🙂

Credit: SBS, KBS and MBC, Dramabeans and purplebass



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8 responses to “Lee Da-hae Piggybacked

  1. Omo, she’s so adorable as a piggybacked cute cutie! 😀 I loved your descriptions for ever single piggybacking situations! Spot on, elegant and with loving respect towards the scene and Da Hae! 🙂
    *within these days the present will be ready* 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  2. lucymaturan

    Thank you chingu for posting this scenes. I have just finished watching HK and MG. I am hoping that next year the Donghae couple will be reunited. Everybody misses them so much. To wait for 9 years is not fair! I don’t watch any other K-drama; waiting so eagerly for their next project together. Have a happy Christmas chingu.


  3. Love911

    What is the name of the drama in the second picture ?
    Please answer 🙏


    • Not sure if you mean the second one after the cut or in all the pictures but in all cases, the two pictures when she fainted are from Drama “Chuno” and the other is from Drama “Robber” 🙂


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