Merry Christmas

Hi Chingus, it is Christmas time and hope all of you, who are celebrating, are already having great time and enjoying the holidays with your family and loved ones.

And Lee Da-hae also sent her wishes to all fans on 22nd of December through her Weibo saying “Merry Christmas!!” and forwarding a presents event from ANYA along with the above picture ❤

Wish she is also enjoying her time right now ^^

Credit: ANYA



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7 responses to “Merry Christmas

  1. Your Santa thanks you and Da Hae for the wishes ^-^ All the best for you and your family chinguya 😀 Will Santa Dae Han will come down the chimney on New Year’s Eve? *.* And the song “Chinguya” from Comrades OST for ya!

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  2. Wilhelmina Loyola

    A blessed Christmas too to you!


  3. Thank you! A happy & blessed x mass to your whole family & to our dearest Da Hae’s whole family… All the best wishes for the coming year to all of you 🙂

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