Lee Da-hae and Yoon So Yi, The Lovely Friends

Lee Da-hae updated her Twitter yesterday with a couple of beautiful pictures with her IRIS II co-star and friend Yoon So Yi. They both look great and our girl is specially glowing in these pictures, may be because she used Photoshop?? kkk ^^ but she is always beautiful, right?? 😉 ❤

I am really happy to see those two still maintaining their friendship till now and it is fun to read Da-hae’s cute message while making fun of herself because she look older than So Yi 🙂

Here is translation of her Message:

What is the matter? Why I still look like a sister (an older sister) to her even after using photo-shop? I don’t play with you, Yoon So Yi.

And actually So Yi replied her today although not sure about the meaning of her message ^^

We knew about those two being close from interview with our girl back in 2013 after the drama and since then they followed each other in Twitter ❤ I guess they are complementing each other since one is “Lady like” and one is “Manly/Tomboyish” as Kim Young Chul described them 😀

Check that lovely KBS Entertainment Weekly interview that was filmed during her photo-shoot for Arnaldo Bassini Summer Collection 2013:

Credit: KBS World YT Channel, LDH and YSY Twitter Accounts | Translation By: MuchCloudier



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