Few Additional Pictures of Lee Da-hae for Shunvfang F/W 2014

As we are about to say goodbye to this year, here are few unseen pictures of Lee Da-hae from Shunvfang F/W collection 2014 that has been released lately and our girl looks gorgeous as always ❤

Also here are some pictures of Shunvfang Calender ❤

Credit: As Tagged, Shunvfang via LDH Baidu and MuchCloudier



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6 responses to “Few Additional Pictures of Lee Da-hae for Shunvfang F/W 2014

  1. To violate a bit Santa’s name, SanDa-hae! 😀 A bit of Da Hae was essential about 9 hours before the new year breaks in! 😀 And i’m pretty sure you’re waiting for her first 2015 news, i know you do, you can’t hide! *has put all of his engines to work like slaves to craft the present*

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    • Haha, love that name ^^ And you know me pretty well. I am so dying for a good news about her to make my worries vanish. Hopefully the new year will be really happy and successful for her *praying*

      *I am sending you all the Fighting energy to help your engines*

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      • Truth be told, i would like to see her on a movie this year *.* But yush, her new year must be happy and successful so that the two crescent moon eyes will keep smiling 😀 Fighting energy, omo! It’s an energy science should explore! I won’t tell them that you’re the source of it, don’t want scary scientists to turn you into an experiment *.* *drinks the Fighting energy with the drama straw and feels his engines getting fueled* What could be the official measure for Fighting energy though? episodes per second? da-hae’s per apqaria maybe? XD

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        • It has been my wish since forever, can’t really believe that in more than a decade in the industry, she didn’t make Movie debut till now!!!! lets hope 2015 will bring us this long waited wish alive.

          LOOOL, that is HILARIOUS!! to give you a hint, I have based my research about this energy and came to have it thanks to Da-hae’s “Hadoken” 😉


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