Lee Da-hae for Shunvfang S/S 2015

What a nice start for the new year!!

Although it is still a bit early but we have got to see released pictures from Shunvfang S/S collection 2015 and how much I LOVE Lee Da-hae‘s bridal look in that sleeveless short white dress, she looks stunning and again makes me so impatient to see the real deal πŸ™‚

I really like this collection specially the prints and the colors also the overall setup of the photo-shoot is quite classy but have to say that I am not digging the hairstyle in which our girl having her hair up. But still that is a one photo-shoot I really like.

Now I invite you to feast your eye on our girl in the first day of 2015 ❀

Credit: As Tagged and Shunvfang



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4 responses to “Lee Da-hae for Shunvfang S/S 2015

  1. lucymaturan

    Lee Da-hae is truly gorgeous! i wish her a blessed 2015, with good projects, good health, and good relationship with LDW. You will be blessed LDH!


  2. Shes(ldh) stunning in all her post…..may ldh be blesses with more projects this 2015


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