Da-hae, What is next?

What a long and painful wait we have to go through to get news about Lee Da-hae next project?! T___T

No doubt it makes me sad but it is not the first time our girl take long break after a project and just enjoy some private time and who am I to be against that as long as she is happy. Since many years now, our girl usually takes one project a year (if we are lucky and she didn’t skip years without projects) so it was expected that we won’t see her in another project in 2014 after “Hotel King” specially that it was a long drama. I actually consider us lucky that we saw her for 32 Episodes this year (which equals 2 short dramas) 🙂

In addition to that, I surely don’t mind her to take time to choose her next project because she really needs to be careful in her next step. It is not a secret that I am not satisfied with her project choices and many fans might agree with me on this so I need to see her in a good piece of work next to really push her career forward after many set backs in the past.

In this post I won’t talk about neither her unfortunate and struggling career path nor my worries about her future or of her getting offers but I would like to start this year to talk here about what I would like to see next from her in terms of projects, characters and pairing wishing that one or more of those wishes will come true this year or next years.

And would like to know, what you also wish to see from our girl next??

In terms of projects, my biggest wish that I keep praying for is to see our girl in a Movie and I know it is a wish of hers too. Yes I still can’t accept/believe that during her whole career which goes beyond a decade now, she hasn’t done any movie. I am not that greedy to wish for a big budget movie or a certain genre  so, any genre is good for me as long as she can make her big screen debut 😀

The reasons I care that much about her doing Movies is first because I personally always think that Movies can live much longer than dramas in the artistic history of a country and I surely want our girl’s legacy to live longer, secondly because I actually think that her acting style might fit better in movies as they are more compact and more controlled environment, also the nature of how movies is filmed and produced is much better than dramas in SK, when you decide to do a movie, you know exactly what are you signing on in terms of script and character and also there is no live shooting problems which I think helps overall in the quality, last but not least because doing a movie is a total different experience that our girl needs to gain as an actress to sharpen her acting skills.

But generally I would like her to work with a good  and talented director in her next project. A director who can challenge her to show her skills and talent and can guide and help her get rid of those lazy habits which she come to have over the years although they weren’t there in her early works and also to control her tendency to overact sometimes.

When it comes to genres, I really want her to make another historical project. “Chuno” was a very good project for Da-hae to make her first trial in the genre but as I said before, her role there was badly written IMO and I will be honest and say that regarding her performance she didn’t take advantage of that opportunity really well (and she admitted that in an interview during the last filming of the drama) because IMO regardless of how the character was written I think she could have still done better.

I am not actually a big fan of historical dramas or movies but I usually find them rich when it comes to stories and characters. so I want her to get another chance in this genre with a more strong and well written character.

About roles, I don’t have specific role in mind cause I actually see our girl is versatile enough to do any role and looking through her career she did try to show us that and not getting typecasted in certain roles which is one thing I do appreciate but I wish that someday she got to do a character with a twist to it, I know this is usually given more to secondary characters in dramas or movies but I would love to be get a shock or a surprise watching a character Da-hae plays.

Also I would also love to see her to make use of her dancing skills. You may already know that and I did mention it before that Da-hae learned traditional Korean dance and ballet for many years and performed traditional Korean dance many times in front of small audiences in Australia while she lived there and before becoming an actress she wanted to be a dance teacher and in one of her interviews for “Hotel King” she said that if she got to work in a hotel she would choose to be a dancer and she said before that she was in love with the movie “Black Swan” and it shows how much she want to portray such a dancer role and I would really love to see that.

She was actually offered a similar role in the historical movie “String Song” Movie but sadly the whole movie project was cancelled and she didn’t get the chance to do that role which I admit I feel sad about that missed opportunity and I hope she can meet such dancer role again but till we see what the future has, we at least can get a glimpse of her dancing talent in her dramas “Star’s Echo“, “Heaven’s Fate” and “Hello Miss” ❤

About pairings, I must admit that she actually didn’t work with as many actors as I might wish and that is due to her one project per year pattern and also her reunions with actors she worked with before (Jang Hyuk and Lee Dong Wook) so I have a long list of co-stars I want to see her pair with and actually my list didn’t get shortened since long time now but it just gets longer 😀

I will only mention some of the names I have on my list here but there is much more than those, hehe ^^

  • Gong Yoo, the man is my first Korean actor crush so I have always wished to see him pair with my girl crush Da-hae mainly because I am curious about how their chemistry would be ^^

  • Lee Joon Ki, those two actually worked 2 times before together in “My Girl” and “Star’s Echo” but in both they weren’t the OTP and so I would love to see them together in a project as the OTP for once specially that their off screen chemistry during My Girl days was beyond fun ❤

Here is BTS video from “My Girl” and an interview during “Channel Fashion Show” which they both modeled in together. I just can’t stop laughing watching those two together 😀

  • Hyun Bin, those two worked in music video “Memory” for Singer Kim Bum Soo back in 2005 when they were still rising stars and hitting it big. In the music video and in bts, they had a wonderful chemistry and they actually had a very good friendship back then evident by Hyun Bin visiting Da-hae’s fan meeting. So I would love to see them working in a longer project together.

Here is the long version of the music video and BTS report along with a video of Hyun Bin visit to her fan meeting ^^

  • Kang Ji Hwan, Whenever I think about wanting to see Da-hae in a rom-com, the first actor to come to my mind to co-star with her is him. He is just so good when it comes to comedy. They had an encounter back in 2007 when Da-hae was the MC of KBS Drama Awards and she did interview him as he was one of the winners. Also it is funny that actually there was a silly rumor about them dating back in 2009 because they both were seen returning from Thailand on the same flight but both quickly denied it because they actually met by chance in Thailand and Da-hae said in an interview that they were starting to build a good friendship but because of that rumor that didn’t continue and they became awkward instead. So, I would love to see them given another chance to be friends ^^

  • Lee Je Hoon: I LOVE the man’s acting and there is no stronger reason than that for me to wish my girl to act with him ^^

  • Song Joong Ki: He is one of my favorite rising stars and he is a talented actor. And when him and Da-hae were MCs for KBS Drama Awards in 2010, they had some cute moments and made me want to see them acting together 🙂

  • Cha Seung Won: This man is on the top of  my favorite Ajusshis list in the industry. Love everything about him from acting to real life personality and I would be so honored if our girl got to work with him one day. Just seeing that picture of Da-hae in Shunvfang F/W collection 2014 with his poster of “Man on High Heels” (A movie which I LOVE) in the background, made me so excited 😀 And I was so happy hearing him saying her name in his drama “The Greatest Love” during that idol type competition scene ^^

  • Gong Hyo Jin: Yes you read it right 😀 do I have to pair our girl with only male actors? Haha ^^ no doubt that GHJ is one of the most talented actresses out there and she is actually my second favorite after Da-hae so, how I would love to see those two playing leads together in a powerful female centered story, I am super happy just imagining it. And those two got actually close after they have been chosen as Australian Ambassador celebrating Australia-Korea friendship in 2010.

Are my wishes too much? may be but dreams and wishes are all I got and when you dream you should dream big, right? 🙂

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9 responses to “Da-hae, What is next?

  1. purplebass

    I agree with your choice of pairing for Da Hae but I would add Jo In Sung. Maybe I’m too obsessed with him, but I don’t think they would make a bad pairing since they are both very tall ^^

    And I also agree about choosing her next project carefully. She has made mistakes in the past and some costed her much. I hope her current agency is working with her to make her come back to the screen in something that would make her popular again… there is too many people who are too harsh against her, so the best way to fight them back is to stun everyone in a nicely done drama or movie, like this people won’t talk anymore. ^^

    Liked by 1 person

    • I like JIS enough and he is actually on my list too (yes it is LONG) so I second your choice here 🙂

      About FNC, although I have my concerns about them but I choose to be silent because I don’t want to early judge their management of her career and because I know there is lots to do to overcome her past problems but I surely hope they are doing the effort I am expecting from them.

      And I totally agree about fighting back with good projects, she needs to prove them wrong with her acting and work and build her image once again as the talented actress she was known to be.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. lucymaturan

    Given the right story that will showcase her talent, a good scriptwriter, and a good director, Lee Da-hae will shine again. I believe in her as an actress. I would love to see her work with other Korean actors who have established themselves in K-ent, in different genres that will focus on LDH’s other talents. (though I love to see her work again with LDW in a romantic-comedy, cheers!) I’ve said this before: you can never put a good man down. LDH keep fighting! There’s just millions of fans all over the world who believe in you, who love you.
    Thank you Apqaria for this opportunity to share my thoughts.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks dear for the comment ❤

      Although there is not much female centered projects out there or even interesting female roles but I hope one of the few offered will come her way next and her to shine again. She and we deserve it ^^


  3. happy new year ….all of ur sugestion was really fantastic bt sori to tell i would love to see lee dong wook and lee da hae ♡♡♡♡♡in a movie…..like STEP UP,,,,,hihihihi….
    im sure that lee da hae will be blessed by a lot of projects …..because in and out shes has an awesome character..if it will not happen this year,,, it will trully come as long we believe that it will come…..AJAH!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Step up that will be epic, Lol 😀
      About our girl, she is one actress who deserves more than she had in terms of career IMO. Hopefully she will get her chance one day to reach new heights.


  4. eumira jhusty savequilla

    i really love to see her i another project with dong wook again


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