Lee Da-hae’s Date with her Stylist and Cute Conversation with Yonghwa

Lee Da-hae‘s stylist updated her Twitter today with this picture with our girl while they are enjoying a date together saying “Returning To Dating“, I guess it has been time since they had one together 🙂

But oh my! Is our girl trying to seduce the camera in this picture?! kk ^^ she just looks so pretty in this picture ❤

Also we got another update from Da-hae today in Weibo when she forwarded the preview pictures of CNBlue’s Jung Yong Hwa new Album, her message is just SO funny and Younghwa replied her back, lol 😀

Here is the translation of their cute conversation:

DH: Younghwa didn’t ask me to forward this! He really did not force me to help him promote his new album! ! Hahahaha so handsome ah 


Credit: LDH and Younghwa Weibo, lhy8918 Twitter | Translation: Online Translators



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7 responses to “Lee Da-hae’s Date with her Stylist and Cute Conversation with Yonghwa

  1. Omo, she’s SO beautiful in the pic :O She doesn’t even try and yet she seduces you so easily! You look at the picture, you’ve fallen.

    Yeah, yeah, he didn’t force her at all 😀 😀 She’s such a bright person!

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  2. sassygirl94

    Okay, she really seduced me with that look! Ok, go seduce your namja not me, Da hae ahh…anyway love to see Da Hae now, supporting her friends publicly, somthing she didn’t do for quite some time, hoping that she continue updating her SNS and havin’ convo with her friends in twitter like in 2010 will be great too

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    • Yes she loves to support her friends, I guess last times I remember were Bada, Kim Tae Woo and Jo Jae Yoon ^^

      I also quite miss those days when she was more openly do conversation with her friends. Specially with Will Pan, those were super fun&cute 😀


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