Lee Da-hae Support for ANAT Cosmetics


Here we got a new picture of our girl which was posted on 15 January (although I am not sure when it was taken) and I am really happy to see ^^

In this picture, Lee Da-hae posed with a sign she gave for ANAT cosmetic brand. I guess this brand is quite new and actually we noticed that Da-hae’s Chinese language teacher promoting this brand since August last year on her Instagram and Weibo so may be she is one of the staff for this brand or a part of the business.

And may be that is how Da-hae came to have a connection with them and why she is giving her support now and also previously when she gave them another sign in September last year but also it is not uncommon for celebrities to casually pose to support for some brands even if they are not their models 🙂


Edit: And her is a new picture posted on 6th of March of another sign from our girl given to them on that day along with the old one ^^


Credit: 059320ciy and anatcosmetic @ Instagram



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2 responses to “Lee Da-hae Support for ANAT Cosmetics

  1. When will you feature the photo with the autograph referring to you? 😀
    Da Hae, so simple/minimal and beautiful! ^-^

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