Lee Da-hae Buys 3.3 Billion Won Building at Gangnam

Now, I get more about our girl’s joke in her latest Weibo Message earlier today. It was more of a joke about this news actually and giving fans a hint so they won’t be surprised of why she did this, kkk 😀

Today some news reports came out with Lee Da-hae‘s agency FNC Entertainment revealing that Da-hae along with her mother have bought a two-storey building at Gangnam with 3,3 billion won (approximately 3 million USD)

Currently the building’s floors are occupied by a restaurant in the first floor and an office in the second floor and it is reportedly in a very good location near Gangnam-gu Office subway Station. The building has a land size of 72.27 pyong (~ 2,600 sq. ft.), gross floor area of 47.23 pyong (~ 1,700 sq. ft.) and It has a building area of 27 pyong (~ 960 sq. ft.) with approximately 8 million won (~ $7,000 USD) as the rental fee.

This is the picture of the building and I think it is obviously an investment; giving how old the building is; which is not something weird or surprising to know specially that our girl is coming from a family known for their business mindset and work and I am personally happy to hear this news.

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3 responses to “Lee Da-hae Buys 3.3 Billion Won Building at Gangnam

  1. She could rent an apartment for each one of us too in Korea too 😀 Go Go Da Hae, make our dream come true and we’ll be visiting all of your family’s stores, it’s a deal, right? 😀

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