Lee Da-hae Learning Flower Arrangement

Haha, so after Cooking and of course before it her Chinese Language studies now Lee Da-hae is learning flower arrangement as well?! ^^

With this new Weibo update from our girl, it seems she is trying to keep making her self busy in the most lovely ways while still away from her beloved acting career. But have to laugh on her joke of being unruly rich person spending her money, lol 😀

I love every thing about Da-hae in those pictures, from hair and look to those beautiful flowers she arranged. But most importantly I am so happy to see her lovely smile in the picture above ❤

Here is her message:

开始学插花了~有钱任性~!哈哈 [偷笑][害羞]

(Translation by emok@Soompi: Started to learn flower arrangement ~ Rich to be unruly/headstrong ~! Haha[偷笑][害羞])

And it seems that our girl is already sending her own flower arrangement works to her friends as her Chinese language teacher mentioned about her gift to her in Weibo today. Isn’t our girl the nicest!!! ❤

Here is the teacher’s message:


(Online Translation: For a long time we haven’t showed affection [爱你][爱你] As soon as I entered the house, I saw such a huge flower basket, thank you for your gift, this is the first time I receive flowers from a woman [太开心][太开心] You are really a woman, an elegant flower arrangement. Clap Clap [鼓掌][鼓掌] @LeeDahae)

Credit: LDH and sunruichen121 Weibo



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6 responses to “Lee Da-hae Learning Flower Arrangement

  1. You, sleepless chingu, you! And now you can easily say “look who’s talking!” 😀
    Yay! The two crescent-moon smiling eyes!!! 🙂 Even her nails are smiling in this picture! 😀 And sure she’s such a beautiful sight along with the flowers! In the second one she’s like the wonderful florist you’d like to meet and make the bouquet for you! She’s like “please, tell me Sir, what’s the main theme behind the bouquet you’d like?” And on the third one she’s masterfully preparing it! x)

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  3. lovely..as olwez..jst wana knw iz tr any upcumin drama sign by dae hae.?eagerly waitng fo hr new drama..


    • Hi Chingu, have been sometime didn’t see you here 🙂
      Unfortunately still no news about Dahae’s next project, not sure when we are going to see her back acting but praying it will worth our wait 😦


  4. oh rly tanz apqaria…t.c


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