Lee Da-hae Cameo in Fugitive: Plan B

Today I would like to post this funny short cameo of our girl in drama “Fugitive: Plan B” back in 2010. It was really refreshing to see our girl do such cameo thanks to Kwak PD who was the director of her hit drama “Chuno/Slave Hunters” who invited her and other actors from Chuno to cameo and I guess it was easy to accept it since she also had a very good relation with Rain and she was in his agency “J-Tunes” back then.

Although that cameo in Ep1 of the drama didn’t actually have much importance to the story but in just those few minutes you almost have what you get to see in a whole run of K-drama. You see kiss, proposal, slap and breakup and really those two were so good and funny together 😀

Check the cut of Da-hae’s cameo below along with BTS video from the drama special episode ❤

(Click on CC for English Subtitles 🙂 )

Also here are a couple of pictures our girl and others posted back then while filming, she was extra happy reuniting with Chuno team ^^

Credit: LDH Twitter, Naver and KBS



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4 responses to “Lee Da-hae Cameo in Fugitive: Plan B

  1. I absolutely love Fugitive Plan B and her cameo was a nice funny one!

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    • I didn’t see the drama itself but I am so happy she did that cameo which is her only one till now in any drama. Funny 3 minutes that I keep revisiting every now and then and laugh every time 🙂

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