Additional Pictures of Lee Da-hae for Shunvfang S/S 2015 + Latest Updates

It has been sometime since I posted, I am on a slump and don’t feel like writing and I guess it is mainly because of our girl’s lack of news and appearances. I feel sorry about it so I need to work on it and make it more alive here ^^

As a start, we have got to see a couple of new pictures above from Shunvfang S/S 2015 collection and I admit that I always like to see our girl in see through outfits, kkk πŸ˜€

Also because it has been sometime since we got an update from our girl, it is good to know some updates about what has she been doing lately. So, check below to see what we got to know πŸ™‚

Yesterday I was personally happy to see this video uploaded on Instagram of a collection of pictures giving us a look on the new S/S collection for Arnaldo Bassini and featuring our girl. As I said before, I have thought Da-hae’s contract with them ended already but I guess I was wrong and I am happy to be because that means we will get to see new pictures of our girl and that is always a treat for me ^^

Also we got another message from Da-hae’s stylist saying that our girl send her a gift, I really like their special friendship which is a result of knowing each other for so long since Da-hae’s debut ❀

Here is Online Translation of the message:

Dahae has sent me a gift …..
I told her not to send it ….
The world was devoid of taste …
Dahae I love you Thank you ~~~

Credit: As Tagged, Shunvfang, IG and lhy8918 Twitter



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4 responses to “Additional Pictures of Lee Da-hae for Shunvfang S/S 2015 + Latest Updates

  1. Let’s hope that 2015 will be the year of her movie debut announcement! *.* Chingu i think you’d like to be Da Hae’s stylist! πŸ˜€ It’s good that they have such tight relations, Da Hae can only march onwards to another top!

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