Lee Da-hae’s Appearance In Running Man Ep.82 and 83


It is not every day we get to see Lee Da-hae in a variety show specially without a reason like promoting her dramas, so it was really great to see her guest in Running Man back in 2012 not in one but two episodes!!

In the first episode, they traveled to Busan and had some missions which lead at the end to “Find the Spy” game but with a twist to it. As our girl wasn’t the spy but all the other members were, without knowing about each other and she was requested to eliminate them all, so it was 7 spies Vs Lee Da-hae. I thought this idea actually worked good for Da-hae and I did love her interaction with the members specially Yoo Jae Suk, her purposely and hilariously suspicious behavior which got on his nerves and left him speechless not knowing how to react was so fun to watch 😀


In the second episode, after they slept the night at Busan they continued the next day with a new mission “Protect the Bundle” after another guest joined and he was not other than Oh Ji-ho who was invited to the program personally by Da-hae herself.  I guess the most thing I did enjoy in this episode was the cute moments between Da-hae and Zio, it was great to see them together again after Chuno in which they had lovely chemistry on screen and more cute one off screen and actually the mission is inspired by their roles and escape during the drama 🙂


I won’t give more details here in case you didn’t watch the episodes so now check below for the videos and some pictures. Hope you enjoy them ^^

Here are the videos of Ep 82


Here are the videos for Ep 83

Here are some Gifs of my favorite moments in the episodes ❤

I Love those Those cute arts a lot, so had to post them ^^ (click to enlarge)

Credit: As Tagged, Naver, SBS and Video Uploader



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5 responses to “Lee Da-hae’s Appearance In Running Man Ep.82 and 83

  1. samzzy

    AQ, I didn’t expect you to write this, you makes my gloomy days (yeah bc of Dahae MIA in Ent world) seem brighter, kekeke.
    You know the AWWWWWW thingy originated from interaction between Zio and Dahae since Chuno days, and here I’m giving another AWWWW again. What a memories.
    And I remember reading comments from avid followers of Running Man, they said this is the first time they saw RM members so excited seeing the female guest.

    Liked by 1 person

    • OH, happy to see your comment here dear, have been sometime 😀 I guess the combination of our girl and Zio worked 😉
      And indeed I still have that same reaction even after the years and I guess will remain to be the case, Good memories will always have that effect on us ^^


      • samzzy

        hehehe, not bc I don’t want to comment, you have put everything what is in my mind, so I just enjoyed reading it. Your blog is a must for Dahae updates.
        And for this particular article, of course you know how much I love Zio and his kindness to our girl-one of the best. You know my weakness.
        Bottom point is I love all Dahae’s handsome namja.

        Liked by 1 person

        • Thanks dear ^^
          And ah, I KNOW 😀 who wouldn’t love him even if just only for that although there is much more reasons to love him ❤
          I always think our girl is so lucky when it comes to who she worked with, almost all care a lot about her and treat her so well~~


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