Lee Da-hae Meeting Her Idol

LDH and Andy 1

It is no secret how much Lee Da-hae is a fan girl for Andy Lau, she has been mentioning him as her favorite star in almost all her Chinese interviews ever since her debut and till today and keeps saying that she would love to work with him someday so it was really wonderful watching her meeting with him who is her idol she looks up to, respects and adores ❤

I think their meeting was really nice since it happened when our girl presented him a special award on Baidu Entertainment Awards in 2011 and they also got to have sometime talking back stage ^^

Check below for the video cut from the event and some pictures of them together 🙂

I really liked it when Andy took Da-hae’s hand after she gave him the award to make her closer to him and take pictures, I am sure our girl was happy with that too 😉

LDH and Andy 4LDH and Andy 6LDH and Andy 5 LDH and Andy 2LDH and Andy 3

Credit: As Tagged and LDH Twitter | Video: Thanks to MuchCloudier and Momo


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