Lee Da-hae to Visit China This Week

Finally we are going to see our girl in a public event which will be her first this year and since her last one in October last year when she also went to China for Shunvfang event.

This time Lee Da-hae is going to China to attend meetings and activities related to Passional Lover Cosmetic brand which she was their model before. Not sure if that means she will be still modeling for ANYA or not. But regardless of this I’m just so happy to have something to look forward to after this LONG drought 😀

She will be attending activities in two cities which are Lanzhou and Zhengzhou on the 16th and 17th of March respectively. Not sure when she will leave Korea or how long she will stay in China but I guess we will know very soon. We  actually got the news about those meetings a couple of weeks ago but today Da-hae also mentioned it herself on her Weibo ^^

海带们, 我要去中国和你们见面了, 就这个星期 就在中国, 你们等我吧!

(YoudaoTranslation: Fans, I wanted to go to China and meet you, I will be in China this week, you wait for me! )

I am hoping we get many pictures and videos from airport and the events to make up for all the lack of news we have been suffering from and I think we will still suffer from after those events and hopefully some fans will be able to meet her although those cities are a bit far for many fans ❤

Credit: Passional Lover


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