Lee Da-hae Being her Funny Self

I am feeling great seeing Lee Da-hae in such good mood today and being her funny, cute and playful self in this new update from her Weibo. She updated us with pictures from the Passional Lover Event in Lanzhou while teasing her face and imitating her pose in the Ads and also making fun of herself in her message, lol 😀

How I wish that smile and happiness on her face and in her eyes last forever!!

Here is the Translation of her message:

多多 不可以拿自己的脸这样开玩笑~[噢耶][噢耶]

(Bing Translation: Duoduo, you can’t tease your face~[噢耶][噢耶] )

Credit: LDH Weibo



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3 responses to “Lee Da-hae Being her Funny Self

  1. Hahaha, these smilies look like one of Yoo Rin’s hilarious acts XD

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  2. And the pixurs *.* Cu-cu-cute!


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