Lee Da-hae Possible Chinese Project Later this year

LDH Fashion Awards 39

At last we got some news about a possible project for Lee Da-hae. I really was preparing myself for not seeing her doing any this year given how much she is not active lately but seeing this news made me have some hope again but seems she is eying to have her come back in a Chinese project.


We only got one news report with this news and we don’t have any details till now (that is why I can’t trust this news that much) but from what I understand the report mentioned about our girl considering two Chinese projects and the schedule details in under discussion to make final decision and start filming in the second half of this year.

All I can say right now that if this turns out to be true, PLEASE let this project be a movie (yes still not giving up on that dream yet 😀 ) because honestly I am not sure if I will be that happy if it turns out to be a drama. The reason is that I am not a big fan of Chinese dramas in general but also it is more because our girl’s first Chinese project “Love Actually” was a disappointment (including our girl’s performance which was IMO mediocre at best) that I don’t want to see that happening again although I admit I loved her pairing with Joe Cheng who is one of my favorite actors and I did like somethings about the drama.

And so I think it will be a waste of time doing a drama like that again but “Love Actually” was an idol drama and so I am telling myself that may be other genres (like historical ones) could be better or she can find better quality scripts if she really got to do a Chinese drama again (or so I hope)

Anyway, I am neither taking this news seriously yet nor I want to think much about it till we get some concrete news and details. But I guess despite it all I will still be thankful no matter what the type of project if this turns out to be true because I will get to see my girl on my screen again, kkk ^^



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