Lee Da-hae in Zhengzhou – [Photos and Videos + Fan Account]

Lee Da-hae arrived today at around 2:00 PM (China time) to Zhengzhou where it was planned that she attend another event for Passional Lover Cosmetic brand and some fans where there welcoming her and thanks to them we got those pictures 🙂

I am really having a sigh of relieve with all the pictures and updates we got in this visit because our girl really looks so cheerful and it at least makes me rest assured that she is happy even if she is hiding from us and that is what matters the most for me ❤

About the events, we got a lot of pictures and videos but I just need sometime to compile them all before posting. So till then check below more pictures from the airport and a translation of the fans account ^^

“At first I saw Cody, ah then I saw DH walking out with an all white outfit.  She was so eye-popping , I called her name and waved at her with the sign. She waved back at me and continued to change to different outfit.  Gosh, she didn’t wear heels, she’s so small and skinny and were protected by Cody.  Then my mobile phone went off and I just kept looking at her and talking to her.”

“Didn’t take any picture with my mobile phone because it was Mobile phone. I kept looking at her face to face but I was so anxious ~ her beauty made me cry [it is an expression saying that she was just too beautiful that makes one cry] we said: welcome to Zhengzhou  she said: thank you~~ , we asked: when she will have a new work? Will she come to China for filming? she said: I hope I would come (to China) ~ As expected, she asked us: where do you come from? we said: from all over the country ~ Soon, she got into the car and lowered the car window. She kept waving to us ~ Everybody shook her hands~”

“I asked her how long she would stay this time. She said she would be leaving tomorrow. Not sure if Duoduo recognized me or because I was the one she saw after she arrived, she kept looking at me. I wanted to say to her, please take off your sunglasses and look at me, so we can look at each other ‘eye to eye’. I am fine, some fans have been saying that Duoduo’s hands are very soft, small, white, long and smell great. After her car left, we also got on a car going to the FM venue.”

“Duoduo saw us and asked us “where do you come from?”, when her car was leaving, she reminded us to be careful. That melted our hearts. Be careful too, our goddess, so so so so pretty….”

“After I calmed down and thought of every detail of our encounter, I realized that I shook her hands for a really long time. This is because I do not want to release it, so Duoduo also didn’t release [her hand]. I tried to come to my senses and told myself ‘Enough is enough!’, then I reluctantly let her hands go. Duoduo, Your hand is so warm so warm so warm, I think I would always love you.”

And here is a video from the meeting ^^

Credit: As Tagged, LDH Fan Club Weibo | Translation by: Noc9 and bluewings @ Soompi and Online Translators


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