Lee Da-hae Glowing with Happiness and Thanks Fans

This heartfelt message from Lee Da-hae is the best thing to end those few days travel to China in which she got to spend a great time with fans which obviously she enjoyed as long as fans judging from all the fans accounts. Really her message reflects the happiness we saw in her eyes during this trip ❤

The pictures are obviously taken from the second event she attended for Passional Lover Cosmetics brand in Zhengzhou 🙂

Here is her message:

能通过兰州的活动见到很多朋友们真的非常非常开心..很幸福 也感谢邀请我的韩彩化妆品..真的是很幸福的时间.. 尤其是很早就来接送机的我的珍贵的粉丝们 谢谢你们 我不会忘记每个人的!我爱你们^^

Translation By Noc9 @ Soompi: I am really really happy to have met so many of you through Lanzhou Event.  I am so blessed and thanks HanCai cosmetic company  for inviting me.  It was a time of great happiness.  To those of you my precious fans who got up early to meet me at the airport, thanks so much, I won’t forget any of you.  I love you ^^

Credit: LDH Weibo


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